Services and Pricing

I aim to make my blogs and articles as affordable and accessible as possible, that’s why my prices wont break the bank! Regardless of your article needs, they can be met here.

Services I offer


Whatever the topic you need to write about, I have extensive experience in this field and am happy to write about anything!

Copy/Ghost Writing

I am happy to write about anything you need and this includes researching and copy writing topics of your choice.

Press Releases

 If you or your business has big news to announce, you need someone who can write about you!


1- Editing articles, blogs or work. This is paid by the hour at $5 per hour. I am open to deals for people who need a regular editor so don’t be scared to get in touch 🙂

2- Editing and maintaing your website. If you are looking for someone to help you manage your website and provide and edit content, I am happy to do this. Prices are on a monthly basis depending on your needs so please get in touch for further details.

You can find examples of all my work here.


  • A single article costs only $20 but if you would prefer to pay in a different currency, I am very happy to discuss that with you so please get in touch!
  • If you are looking for a regular blogger/writer, I’m happy to discuss prices and work load on a case by case basis depending on your needs.
  • You can also republish articles to your website for just $5.  Please read my terms and conditions page for further details.
  • Editing costs only $7 per hour.


If you are a registered charity, I will write for you for free, what ever the cause! Please email me with details of your charity and its registration information and I will more than happy to help you!


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