Please Help Find Rebecca Oldfield

Rebecca Oldfield is missing. Last known location: Jedburgh at 1402 yesterday (Thursday 29th May 2014) Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 16.19.02

Rebecca is a 38 year old, vulnerable adult with mental health problems and was due to arrive back in Great Yarmouth at around 11pm yesterday and has not been seen or heard of by friends since yesterday afternoon.

Description: Rebecca is 5 ft 10″ tall, with long straight black hair, and was last seen wearing a black hoodie (possibly with the logo of the band TOOL on the front and back) a pair of green trousers or jeans, camouflage slip on shoes, a white and brown striped hat and was carrying a very distinctive pink bag, with a stereo on the front with 2 speakers on it. She has a very distinctive chest tattoo (as seen in photo) which may or may not be visible.

Movements/Possible Movements: We know Rebecca was leaving Jedburgh at around 2pm yesterday bound for Edinburgh Waverley train station, where she was due to be on a train bound for Peterborough that left around about 17.30 (give or take a few minutes either way) we know she intended to be on a train from Peterborough to Norwich that arrived at 23.18, and was intending to get a taxi to Great Yarmouth shortly afterwards.

Rebecca never arrived in Great Yarmouth. Police are aware she is missing, and all the hospitals have been checked. Please contact the police if you see her.


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