Mahogany Sessions And Ont’Sofa: Music To Your Ears

I’ve been somewhat lax in updating this site for a while, my apologies for that. Been really very busy! However, in my time way, I have stumbled across some music websites which I feel must shared, so there is a silver lining to my silence!

If you’ve visited this site before, you’ll know I like to write about bands and artists which have caught my attention. I was looking up some of these artists new work on YouTube which is where I found these sites. They are predominately acoustic sessions of live music, both original works and covers, covering a large variety of genres so there will be something for everyone. It’s fair to say, they are rich in talent and well worth a few minutes of your time.

The Mahogany Sessions

The Mahogany Sessions is, in its own words, is a website dedicated to, “delivering great music to your ears and eyes, as often as possible.” I found a fantastic video of a singer I have loved for a long time. Jack Savoretti performing “Written In Scars” for the 300th Mahogany Sessions video.

From there, I clicked out and found brand new bands such as Kodaline:


Website: Currently down





Ont’sofa or, for those reading this who are not native to the UK, this websites name is a play on the generic northern accent and means “on the sofa”. An aptly name website seeing as the sessions are all recorded in a studio in which sits a single red leather sofa from which the artists perform. I stumbled across it when I was looking at David Ford videos. This is what I found:

From there I went on to find some more videos from artists I’d never heard of but I immediately enjoyed. One such one is this 12 year old girl Billie Tweddle (yes, 12, I know…That is some serious talent brewing!)







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