How To Buy A Christmas Tree

It’s tradition in my family to haul ourselves around the city looking for the best Christmas tree. We always get a real one and it has to be the biggest, bushiest one we can squeeze into our living room. It’s a family affair, mum, dad, Penny, Sophie (sisters) and me. This year however, Penny couldn’t make it and so I decided to share the day with her via photos and then decided that these images need explanations. This is a typical family day out tree hunting, or just generally out anywhere…


Should have left the house by now but, of course, none of us are ready. Everyone is  plodding around finding shoes, jackets, scarfs and gloves.


Finally leave. Seeing as we’re buying two trees, one for our house and one for Sophie’s, we need two cars to transport them. Sophie and myself discuss parent/car tactics. Which parent will have the best music on in the car? We decide to be diplomatic, one sister with mum, one with dad then swap on the way home.

9.20 – 9.45

Driving with dad listening to soft rock. Dance like idiots to Rolling Stones – Mick Jagger style. Who the f**k is Mick Jagger?! Texting Sophie who is in the car behind discussing the village tree which is, traditionally, awful. Sophie is so excited, she doesn’t notice her typo:

Unsaved Preview Document

9.45- 10.20

Arrive at Highways Garden Centre. Can’t find entrance. Walk around confused for a minute. Make friends with a snowman.

Image 9

This is where we have bought our tree the past couple of years. We usually go to Notcutts, but they have had poor choice in trees for the past few years so decided to go straight here instead. They have no trees…Typical.

Whilst we are here though, Sophie and me busy ourselves by playing the game “Sophie’s Faces”. This is Sophie pulling faces like the things around us. Parents are embarrassed and walk off to do adult things.

Image 7Image 11

Image 5

Image 6

Then we get childish with festive hats, masks and candy canes and get photo bombed by a ginger bread man:

Image 10

Image 18

Image 22

Then we find these weird decorations, including a Tim Burton inspired reindeer:

Image 12

Image 13

Image 23

Sophie discovers she is a musical genius:

I got drunk with some reindeer:

Image 4

10.20 – 10.30

Back on the road to Notcutts. Here’s hoping they have upped their game… More soft rock. Elton John this time. Naaaa Na Na Na Na Naaa!

10.30 – 11.30

Arrive at Notcutts, immediately see that they have ALL THE TREES! There’s no way we will leave without one.

Image 24

We head straight to the section with the big ones. They are all in nets. Luckily, dad had his pen knife. We open as many as it takes to find the right one. You have to see them properly in order to know you have a good’un!

Image 21

Image 16

We end up opening 6 or 7. We settle in this one. It’s bigger than it looks when I’m not in the way of it.

Image 20

Sophie picks this one for her flat:

Image 2


We think we prefer it over ours, but it’s too late now!

Image 19

We go to pay. En route, we play more Sophie’s Faces and act like kids:

Image2013-11-29 11.11.48Image 12013-11-29 11.06.45Image 3


That ladies and gents, is how we buy our tree every year. It’s one of our favourite family days of the year as well. The christmas tree is a vital part of the festive season and it’s important you get the right one and have fun whilst doing it!


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