The 10 Best And Worst Aspects Of Travelling

Having just been on my holidays, experiencing airports and new lands, it became clear that travelling has its up’s and down’s. Going away can be both exciting and fun, and drawn out and irritating, depending on which aspect of travelling you are looking at. This blog highlights a couple of the key highs and lows in my opinion. 

Children on planes – I’m probably going to upset parents here, but people travelling with kids should be restricted to certain, family friendly flights and especially banned from night planes. No one wants to be trapped in a small tin box in the sky with a screaming child, all night, for hours and hours, when they are desperately trying to sleep in already horrible conditions.

Being European – Freedom of movement is brilliant if you are European! You can just say, “I’m going here today” about any European country, Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 16.46.39hop on a plane, train, ferry – with your Passport –  rock up at check in and breeze right through.  No visa’s, no paper work. Amazing!

Being a Vegetarian – I’ve written before about aspects of being a veggie, but when you’re abroad, learning what is suitable for your needs or not, is hard and can leave you going without on occasion.

Food – Travelling means opening yourself up to new and exciting foods. Great news if you are someone who enjoys to eat all day long like me!

Language Barriers – Being abroad means you may not always fully understand the language around you. This can sometimes lead to complications, or confusion. Be sure to take a basic book with translations, just so you know you can get by.

Cavalier Attitude – A particular attitude you only really get on holiday. Something not quite right? That bill or attraction a bit expensive? Who cares, you’re on holiday so everything is a great idea and nothing is worth getting angry over Without this strange shift in personality, you may not actually end up doing some really fun things. This is best summed up by comedian Jeff Green. Warning: contains bad language.

Useless Left Over Money – When you go abroad, you have to invest in the currency of that nation. That’s fine when you are in that country, spending your money as you please, but the annoying bit is when you get home to find you have a worthless $12.56 or €7.30. There’s no point changing this back, you just decide to stash it away in the hope that you may get to use it at a later date. Then you forget about it  the next time anyway…

Freedom – You can stay up as late as you like, you can drink as much as you can handle, talk to who you like, go home with who you like (if that’s what you want to do), go anywhere you like and not have to answer to anyone for a week. You get a tiny snippet of freedom from your usual everyday life.

Bugs – When you leave your own country, where ever you go seems to filled with huge, monstrous new life forms. I saw weird screeching fly bug things in America last year and in Gran Caneria, I saw flies the size of my own head. As well as massive cockroaches, including a dead one which nearly floated into m friends mouth in the sea. Nasty!

Brilliant Experiences – Going away means you get to do things you don’t usually get a chance to experience. Whether diving with deep sea animals, climbing up volcanoes, sky diving, camel riding, whatever, you make great memories doing exciting things. Treasure those moments!


Travelling will always come with pro’s and con’s, like everything else in life. Taking them in your stride and making the most of the experiences ahead of you is what is important!

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7 thoughts on “The 10 Best And Worst Aspects Of Travelling

  1. I’m down with you pain regarding vegetarianism…I’m in Thailand at the mo and it doesn’t exist away from the tourist areas! Ah well, the sun and palm trees make up for it 🙂 x

  2. I also don’t like screaming children. They drive me crazy. But when I imagine myself on the place of mother and my kid starts to cry and everyone hates me I just try to ignore and that’s all 😀

      • It’s annoying anywhere I think. It drives me crazy more when it’s in some nice cafe you came to drink a cup of coffee and read a book and suddenly some kid start to shout like crazy.rrrr:)

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