5 Ways To Market Your Business On Pinterest

Social media marketing is an avenue that many businesses are now turning down in order to further market and promote themselves. It gives you aScreen Shot 2013-02-24 at 16.24.06 new and massive audience, as well as a means to communicate directly with them. When you think of social marketing, you tend to lean towards the big guns such as Facebook and Twitter. These are the most common networks with the easiest engagement options.  You update using links, words, photos, talk to individuals directly, share and promote according to your needs. However, it is easy to overlook other platforms for your social marketing needs. One such platform is Pinterest. This article looks at why it’s commonly forgotten and the top five reasons you and your business should use it.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform which allows you to “Pin” online pages or posts that you’re interested in, onto virtual an public notice boards. You create and manage theme-based image collections of your interests and hobbies. Users can browse other pinboards for mutual interests, “re-pin” images to their own pinboards, or even “like” other people’s content.

Why Is It Overlooked As A Marketing Tool?

It works on capturing your attention by offering vibrant and catching photos, which then lead you to the original website or page so you can learn more about it. For companies which sell goods, such as cakes, jewellery, clothes, anything at all, it works brilliantly as you upload a photo of the item, and people see it. You need to be able to upload and share visually inspiring content, something that not all businesses do. They write a new blog for their website, don’t think of sharing it to Pinterest as it’s not visually pleasing. There is a misconception that you can’t share posts if they are not predominately photo based and so they don’t bother. What Pinterest also doesn’t offer as much as other networks, is a means to communicate. Yes, you can comment on, re-pin and like pins, you can’t message someone privately or have a singular place, such as a Facebook wall or a tweet stream, to talk to people with. This lack of personal interaction means that businesses often think it’s not worth having a profile.

Why All Businesses Should Be On Pinterest

Rule one of social media and business plans, is that social media in any form offers your company a free audience and marketing option. Get yourself on as many networks as you can think of to make yourself seen, heard and shared. This includes Pinterest. You may not think you offer visually attractive content, that is something you can work on as well as work around.

5 Ways To Use Pinterest For Your Business

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 11.59.011 – Break The Fourth Wall

A theatrical term, the fourth wall is the block between you and your audience. By breaking it down, you allow your audience access to you. This works in social marketing, by sharing things which make your brand appear “human”. Just because you use Pinterest for your business, it doesn’t mean every board should be about your brand. Make a “things we love” board. You like photos of fluffy animals? Pin it! Dreaming of going to that holiday resort? Pin it! By having boards which allow you to share interests outside of your company, it makes you appear more friendly, people will empathise and connect with you more easily as it shows you are human.

2 –  Pin Your Website

This works in a manner of ways. If your business is a service provider and you have “How To” blogs about how to use features you offer, create a board specifically for them. People want to know immediately how your brand works, so by having separate boards explaining what each of your service options are and how to use them is an easy way for people to learn your product.

If you have a regular blog, be sure to use the “Pin It” button to upload it to a board. Again, create a board specifically for your blog posts so your audience knows exactly what it is when it goes live on the network. Not visually pleasing? This is easily fixed. By adding just one photo to your blog, you can use that as the feature image on Pinterest! Make sure the image is relevant to the post.

Sell goods? This is great for you! Take a professional shot of the item you’re selling and upload it to the suitable board. Pinterest was made for businesses like yours!

This all creates traffic to your website and promotes it.

3 – Connect Your Other Social Profiles And Website

Pinterest allows you to connect your other networks, such as Facebook and Twitter as well as your website link to the bio in your profile. Always Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 11.57.22be sure to do this. By adding your other social profiles, you further increase your audience as they can then follow the links and you may well be posting different content on these networks. Also, you can share your boards, pins and likes directly to these networks and thus increase your engagement and audience that way! They may not be on Pinterest, but by Facebooking and tweeting content, you draw them to your profile that way. Add your website to the profile so people can click it and go directly there, increased traffic to your own website means increased customers.

4 – Use Keywords

When you Pin content, use keywords. For example, your business is about selling holidays, use keywords such as “holiday”, “vacation” “location and country names”, “beach”, “summer” etc. This means when people search on Pinterest, these keywords will direct them to your profile and thus you have a new audience member who may well share your content with their followers and convert into a customer themselves!

5 – Add Contributor Boards

Have a large team? No problem, allow other team members who have their own Pinterest profiles, access to special boards! Want to increase engagement and fun? Trust your audience to pin onto special boards? Invite them to post too! By having community boards that allow your team and audience to post as well, you have an interactive community, who will feel more inclined to use  your product and talk about you.


Pinterest may not be as popular as other networks, but it by no means makes it any less relevant to your marketing scheme. Knowing how to use it is key. Remembering that it’s not all about pushing your own content is what makes this network for your business.


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