Picsity: A New Kind Of Social Media

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 11.35.36When you think of social media, your go to image is of friends, like buttons, walls, updates, photos, bios and connecting. That’s the point of social media, to make you more accessible socially online. You can use it to keep in touch with friends and family or, if you’re in business, as a marketing tool as support and audience building. Social media as we know it, is based primarily on the ability to talk to someone else or engage enough to hope that people see your products. However, today I stumbled upon a new type of social media that I really wanted to share with you. 


Picsity is a new brand of social media. It takes social media marketing to a whole new level by being a social platform aimed specifically at shopping and promotion of goods, as well as chat features. Let me explain using their own words:

“Picsity is about finding interesting, beautiful products online and putting them together in one place. It’s about learning what other people like and finding things you might not have know are out there. Discover merchants selling the coolest or most unusual things.”

It is a shopping channel where you curate the content yourself or follow others to inspire you. It is filled with small traders, craftsmen and creative people from all around the world, selling and promoting every sort of item you could ever hope to find. As a user, you can upload your own links and photos to the things you enjoy as a “wish list” or simply “like” them so others can follow your interests too.

Why It’s A Social Network

Picsity is clearly an online market place, but what marks it out as something much more than that, is the ability to share, talk about, upload, and discuss the goods on “profiles” with others. You can “follow” friends, family and other people who share your interests. You can follow their “collections” just as you would their tweets, Pinterest boards, or Facebook updates. You can use @ replies and mentions to talk to people directly on their walls. It may be basic, but it’s defiantly social.

A Familiar Interface

When you look at Picsity, you may feel like you know it well on first use. That’s because it’s clearly inspired by other, more renowned networks as the photo below shows. This is how your profile page looks:

Image 25-07-2013 at 02.02

This is how the news feed looks, a definite hint of Pinterest:

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 11.08.39

This is how you can connect with others:

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 11.21.51

By taking key features of all the most popular networks before it, you already feel acquainted and it’s automatically intuitive as you’re already so familiar to it. It’s a very clever ploy on behalf of the design team!


Picsity is interesting as it combines online shopping and social media marketing at a whole new level. It works by being a social platform which allows you to market your goods socially. Although other networks have pages you can use as a selling point, or you can upload links to your website, Picsity allows you to sell it straight from the platform, making it unique in this sense. By taking the core features of other networks, you already feel you know it and thus it enriches the idea of social media use. It’s heavily modelled on Pinterest in terms of interface which means it embraces the importance of images as selling points and engagement which is important in shopping channels as well as audience interest. By providing walls and hashtags and @ mentions, you have the key social media institutions. It’s a fantastic website and one which you may well be hearing more and more about in up coming months.

On Picsity, feel free to say hi and follow me!


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