20 Do’s And Don’t For Brits In Summer

Last week I wrote about how Britain is in the grips of a heat wave and why it’s a big deal for us. This wave is still around and has broken records for UK summer time. No one really expected it to last longer than a few days, a week at most so we’re doing pretty well. British people are rubbish at summer as we just don’t get one very often. This blog reveals my top 20 things all Brits need to remember about how to behave and be safe in the summer sun!

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 13.15.45

DO embrace the good weather as much as you can. Dust off the deck chairs, crack open the Pimms, fire up the BBQ because it wont last forever. Working all summer? Call in sick for a few days, they’ll never know, just don’t post the photos on Facebook…

DON’T think you have to be in the sun for every minute it’s out. You’re British, you’re not used to it. You will burn, get heat stroke and die.

DO create a summer play list. This can include quirky upbeat songs currently gracing the charts or golden oldies that remind you of fun times growing up and playing in the odd day of sunshine from years gone by. Mine includes hit classics such as “Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke“, “Got The Feelin – 5ive‘, “Miami – Will Smith” and “In The Summer Time – Mungo Jerry” There are many more, but that’s a blog for another time.

DON’T drink alcohol in the sun all day long. It will make you feel drunk quicker and make you feel like your head will explode. This is a fact, especially for students drinking Sangria from 10am until dusk. Bad things happen when you’re drunk, both health wise and dignity wise. I’ve seen the photos. Of me doing this. It’s not pretty.

DO drink plenty of water. Invest in an ice dispenser and lemons to liven it up and keep you even more refreshed. Failing that, buy a pool. A big one.

DON’T forget to always use sun cream and a factor which best suits your needs. Also remember to keep topping it up during the day and after you get wet. Else you will burn and your skin will peel off until you have none left.

DO go to the beach and build sand castles and jump out of the way of waves. This is compulsory, especially if you have young children.

DON’T brag to friends and family about all the fun you’re having in the sun if they themselves are unable to enjoy it due to other commitments, such as work or having a real life because they are an actual grown up. You will be hated and possibly punched in the face.

DO take as many photos as you can and stick them on Instagram. Remember, everyone in the world cares about what you’re doing and how sunny it is and how much fun you’re having…

DON’T forget that summer brings wildlife and nature out in full bloom. You will get stung by a wasp, gnat or nettles and you probably have hay fever so be prepared with creams and lotions else you will be eaten alive and die.

DO learn how to sun bathe correctly. So much can go wrong. No one wants to end up ultra burnt or with uneven tan where you haven’t rubbed your Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 13.20.01cream in properly or left your strappy sandals on or crisscross dress lines. 20 minutes on your back, 20 minutes on your front. Repeat. Or go inside and watch tv, either one works.

DON’T wear Crocs. Just don’t.

DO use this time relaxing in the sun to read a good book. Here is a list of some my favourites that you should try.

DON’T wear your usual layers of make-up. Your skin wont like you for it, it will clog up, break out and fall off. Though maybe not that last bit.

DO remember, that if you don’t want to sit in the sun all day because it’s dangerous and gives you cancer, that fake tanning in summer is perfectly acceptable.

DON’T drink tea. You will over heat and die.

DO always ensure your pet animals are looked after appropriately in the summer heat. They, like us, are not used to it. Always give them plenty of water and correct feed and shade.

DON’T wear Crocs. I can not stress this one enough.

DO use this heat as an excuse to go out and buy a brand new wardrobe at lavish expense. Who cares that you will only wear it once as we only get this sort of summer once every 7 years, embrace it!

DON’T forget to drink loads of water. Else you will dehydrate, shrivel up and die.


Be safe in the sun, else you will die. This is a fact. It’s so alien to us Brits, that we act like idiots and do stupid things because the heat gets to us. “Tombing” is a prime example of this. “Hey it’s hot, lets go chuck ourselves off the highest thing we can into 1 inch of water!”. Failing that, we get drunk whilst in the sun and that leads to bad things. Keep your wits about you but let go enough to actually have some fun in the sun whilst being safe!

~Source for tan photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/53326337@N00


7 thoughts on “20 Do’s And Don’t For Brits In Summer

  1. I’ve already broken one! I’ve got the uneven tan since I fell asleep in the sun back when the heatwave was young… I agree on the Crocs – my mum has them for camp, and even then it’s way too dodgy for words.

    • Hello, indeed I warned of that a fair bit, in jest mind, but we English like to be dramatic! The sun is good in the right amounts and as long as you’re safe in it. Thank you so much for stopping my blog and commenting. 🙂

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