5 Must Watch YouTube Videos

Most of us will sit and browse YouTube for videos to watch as we pass time and entertain ourselves. Here is my top 5 personal choices (currently) and why you should watch them! Whether it be sheer talent, humour or despair, here are my top 5 videos.

1 – Nick Pitera: One Man Les Miserables

s ridiculously talented. That’s the first thing you need to know and it’s absolutely undeniable and the reason you should, nay, need, to watch his videos. Nick Pitera is infamous for having an astounding vocal range, singing famous female parts as if he were born to it, as well as dark, male villains. In this video, he takes on all of Les Mis all by himself, and it’s amazing.

2 – Jenna Marbles: Drunk Makeup Tutorial

A video aimed at women but something that everyone can enjoy. All women have, at one time in their lives, been getting ready for a night out and trying to put their make up on whilst drunk. You will either recognise yourself in this, or a friend, either way, you can understand it! It’s funny because it’s true! Contains bad language, but that’s drunken life for you.

3 – Lindsey Stirling: Phantom Of The Opera Violin Cover

This woman is very talented. She has created a medley of Phantom Of The Opera songs and given them a blend of classical and rock edge all fronted with a violin. It’s a wonderful video and a great take on a classic musical.

4 – Grape Lady

It’s a golden oldie, news reporter is stomping grapes and falls off of the platform. She hurts herself, which isn’t funny in itself, but the resulting noises are. It may be cruel to laugh, but you’ll find that you probably can’t help yourself.

5 – Fenton

For anyone who has ever owned a dog, you will sympathise and appreciate this video. If you don’t have a dog, it will make you laugh whilst being pleased not to have one as naughty this one!


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