Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 13.57.18A couple of weeks ago, my sisters, a friend and myself went to watch a screening of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. It was a recording of a live play from The Globe, directed by Tim Carroll and featuring stars such as Stephen Fry, Paul Chahidi, Samuel Barnett and Mark Rylance. It was a brilliant play, full of laughs, wit, emotion. This however,is not a review of the play, but rather how we came to learn of one actor, (playing the part of a love struck young woman pretending to be a man extraordinarily well, but that’s Shakespeare for you!) and how we went on to find out he is a very talented folk singer as well as actor.

Johnny Flynn

Johnny Flynn is a British folk singer and actor and half brother of actor Jerome Flynn (Ripper Street and Game of Thrones). Johnny Flynn has worked with high profile singers and bands such as Mumford & Sons and Laura Marling, as well as starring opposite actors such as Stephen Fry and soon Anne Hathaway. This article looks at his musical talents and show cases my favourite songs of his and his band.

Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit

A London based folk band fronted by Johnny Flynn. A popular and rising band which has claimed critical acclaim for their songs, lyrics and performances, it wont be long until you hear more of them regularly. Band members include David Beauchamp, Adam Beach, Joe Zeitlin,James Mathe, Matt Edmonds, and Johnny’s sister Lillie Flynn. Their music is influenced by old talents, poets and institutions such as Shakespeare and  W.B Yeats. They are rhythmical and meaningful, true folk songs.


  • A Larum – 2008
  • Sweet William (EP) 2009
  • Been Listening – 2010
  • A Bag Of Hammers – 2012

My Favourite Tracks

Below is one of my favourite songs. It’s called “The Wrote and Writ” from the album “A Larum“.


  • Another firm favourite is this one, the title track from the 2009 EP. It’s called “Sweet William” but also features on the ablum “Been Listening“.

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