Girl On Girl: The Girl Crush Explained

It is widely believed that women like to bicker and make snide  comments about other women. This is true, we can be very nasty and catty. What is lesser known, is the fact that we can also look upon another woman and admire her looks, her persona, her nature and style. It’s not uncommon for women to “crush” on another female, but this doesn’t always mean what you think. This article explains what a girl crush is and gives examples of my own crushes!

The Girl Crush

When you hear the word “crush”, you think about sexual attraction to someone. Yes, this is true in general, but in terms of the girl crush, it usually just implies admiration for another woman, more so than others. It’s essentially just a soft spot for someone. You think they’re pretty, talented, lovely. It’s almost as if you want them as a best friend or sister. It does not imply you want to sleep with them or think of them sexually. Sorry lads, I know that’s probably not what you want to hear but alas, the girl crush really isn’t like that.

My Examples

  • Jenna-Louise Coleman

As you can see from the photo, she is very cute and pretty! I appreciate the fact that she is very attractive, but also, that she comes across as very talented at her profession, acting. I liked her in Emmerdale, I like her in Doctor Who as his new companion. She is engaging and believable, all the things a good actress should be. She also comes across as kind, level headed, funny and modest when interviewed  No one likes arrogance or boring people, so when someone comes across as level headed and sweet, it’s refreshing and attractive. We’re of similar ages so this “crush” is more about the fact she may make a good friend and someone to hang out with!

She is an ex singer from a late 1990’s girl band, “Atomic Kitten“. I was too young to appreciate her singer talents from that though, rather taking a shine to her when she became the face of a TV show called, “Snog, Marry, Avoid” in recent years. Each week, she would present the show with a glowing smile, a cheeky sense of humour, and yes, she is also very pretty! She’s the sort of woman girls want as an older sister. She’s fun, she appears laid back, a good laugh, caring and friendly. You know she’d look after you on a night out yet make sure you have fun and a few drinks too – just what every girl wants in a big sis!


So  there you have it, the girl crush explained. It’s not about deciding you like women or wanting a relationship with one (though this differs from person to person!). It’s about appreciating another woman as talented, attractive, comes across as nice, friendly, warm and fun. You want them as a friend or sister, not as a sexual partner! It’s also not exclusive to girls, I know a few men who have secret man crushes! Patrick Stewart seems to be popular with many of the males I know….!


5 thoughts on “Girl On Girl: The Girl Crush Explained

  1. I have this on both sides! My girl crushes are Sue Perkins, Catherine Tate and erm… Running out of ideas 😀 But I have plenty of girl crushes on men too – Bill Bailey, David Attenborough and David Tennant, to name but a few. It’s always people with a wicked sense of humour, who look like they’d be good fun to go to the pub with. Maybe I’ve just got friend crushes 🙂 I also know someone who has a man crush on China Mieville!

    • I also have one on Sue Perkins! I love China Mieville, Pedido Street Station is one of the best books I have ever read so who ever can write like that has my heart. I knew it wasn’t just me with these weird little crushes, thank you so much for commenting, really appreciate it 🙂

  2. Nice! I know what you mean, I seem to have a crush on quite a few people, nothing to do with sex or anything, just people that have great energy, people who are very friendly, full of love, people you like to listen to, or watch on screen and they look good too!

    • We are ultimately drawn to people who hold our attention in a positive manner regardless of their gender. No one wants to be connected to boring, lazy, morose people. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. I’m a bisexual girl and I have a crush on Jenna Louise Coleman (Clara from Doctor Who) it’s not just admiration, I have a crush on her even though she is 27 and I’m 13. (Plus I’m American and a nobody so ill never meet her)

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