5 Reasons People Hate You

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 00.30.11Let me be clear from the start, this is a tongue in cheek article. Sometimes it feels like almost everyone around you is an idiot and you must be the only sane, normal human being in the world. How many of you have ever thought to yourself, “I would rather slam my head into a wall covered with razor blades then spend time with this person”,  or thoughts to that effect…? Sometimes, there are just people that you don’t get on with. It’s always satisfying when you find out that everyone else who knows that person thinks the same, that they are absolutely intolerable. It’s amazing just how many people think they are popular and special, when really, no one who see’s them regularly even likes them! We just hide it well because: A) it serves a purpose to pretend to like them or B) we’re too nice to tell them we hate them. Below are my personal five pet hates in characteristics. It’s ok to suffer one, maybe two of these, we all do it occasionally, but if you suffer all five, then frankly, people hate you!

1 – Stupidity

No one suffers fools gladly and yet everyone suffers from some level of stupidity now and then. We all have our weak points, things we don’t quite grasp and thus look foolish on occasion. That’s fine, it happens. I’m also not talking about the mentally impaired. I’m talking about people who just never think, or worse, think they know what the they’re talking about but clearly don’t. Droning on and on about subjects as though they’re are an expert and know more about it than the people they are with when really everyone knows they’re talking a load of bullocks. Alternatively, constantly saying ridiculous things makes you stupid, “I’d break my own leg just so I can say I’ve experienced a broken limb in life”, or “it’s not rape if you want it”, or maybe even, “you can’t prove the moon isn’t man made “…When you say mindless things, people will, and rightly so, think you are stupid.

2 – Incompetence

If you repeatedly fail to do things, people get annoyed and dislike you for being incompetent. This can be about anything. Constantly failing to be on time when meeting up, being awful at holding good conversation, being generally useless at everything and the people around you having to pick up the slack because you constantly, and without fail, have no idea what you are doing. This is particularly annoying in the work place!

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 00.34.333 – Arrogance and Vanity

Vanity: If you’re the sort of person who never stops searching for a flat shiny surface to look in so you can admire yourself, you’re insufferable. There comes a point in the day when I actively avoid knowing what I look like as I know my make-up has slipped, my hair is in disarray and I still have hours left at work with limited chance to retouch and fix. Ignorance is bliss. But there are people who constantly need to know how wonderful they look, using anything reflective to preen, pick, reorder and admire themselves. They think, or know, they are attractive and they don’t care who knows it. This level of arrogance is hideous and ironically,  it’s hugely unattractive. It’s ok to look your best, but don’t be an idiot about it.

Arrogance: Thinking you are better than everyone else, means that no one likes you. Yes, you may have your own business, you may be a millionaire, you may drive flash cars, have a mansion house, a swimming pool and go on twelve Caribbean holidays a year, it doesn’t make you a better human being. Bragging about how great you are how special your situation is, how unique you are, how far you’ve come, how you deserve to be lucky and successful, will not gain you any favours and certainly no friends. Thinking your opinion is fact is also a prime example of this. People who think they have researched a topic by cherry picking their data to fit their opinion, does not mean it’s fact, but it does make you an idiot people hate.

4 – Socially Unaware

People can be socially unaware in a manner of ways. Some of the most irritating, and even funny that I’ve come across are these:

  • Never shutting up. Most of us know that when you are out with people socially, or even at work, it’s vital to let everyone contribute to the story. When someone hijacks a whole conversation with examples of why they have experienced the same thing bigger and better than everyone else, it creates resentment and boredom to the point people wont want to hang out with you any more. Step back, let everyone have equal footing in a conversation and be sure that you share your stories in a manner which isn’t arrogant and pushy.
  • Leaving your haemorrhoid cream in the community work space toilets – that is socially unaware! Keep that stuff private people, no one needs to know about your grapey arse!
  • Arguing in public or airing your personal problems whilst out, or worse, when you have people over. Whether you are arguing with other friends, a partner or family, bringing up issues and arguing whilst around others is awkward and not on. Keep it behind closed doors, no one else needs to or wants to know about your problems.
  • Being part of a round at the pub, but when it comes to your turn, not buying!Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 00.45.23
  • When buying something for a collection of people and they have given you their money, ie, getting lunch, or giving you their items at a shop so loads of people don’t need to wait and queue, and keeping their change. Not on. 
  • Being unclean. Showers only take fifteen minutes people..!

5 – Inappropriate

People who are constantly inappropriate is uncomfortable and horrible. I’ve written before about being sexually inappropriate, so I wont go into finer detail other than to say it’s never ok, either physically or verbally. But you can be inappropriate in other ways.

  • Being overly loud when in public, the people at neighbouring tables couldn’t care less about what you have to say, just like us.
  • Telling bad, offensive, not funny jokes all day long.
  • Excessive use of foul language. I don’t mind swearing, but when every other word is “F**k, s**t or c**t then it’s too much and no one likes it.
  • Being over familiar with people you have just met. I am quite friendly and open, but standing with your arm around me or a hand on my hip minutes after being introduced is weird and inappropriate. 
  • Constant bitching, back stabbing, lying and malicious behaviour. It’s not nice, it will get you and others in trouble and people don’t like that behaviour. 


Like I said at the start,  this is a tad sarcastic and everyone can be a bit silly at times and have off days. But if you fall into all of these categories, you’re hated, and rightly so.

Lets lighten this up with a song, about hating people and things…It’s always better in a song!

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