Thank You For The Makepeace Brothers

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 12.58.26This is an American band that I stumbled across when looking into Jason Mraz songs as they have collaborated and supported each other on tours. You can find my full music recommendations list here.

The Makepeace Brothers

The Makepeace Brothers sounds like a great stage name for a band but it is, in actual fact, a band consisting of four brothers – Aidan, Liam, Finian, and Ciaran – who’s last name is “Makepeace”. Oh, and good friend of the brothers, Conor Gaffney on bass. Having grown up touring America with their family when they were young, they learnt a lot about American music and culture, inspiring them to make their own music together. The brothers and Conor officially formed the band in 2007 after solo projects. During their time together, they released self produced albums and even collaborated and toured with names such as Jason Mraz. Their songs are typically about life experiences, stories, feelings, love and politics. A mix of slow and meaningful and upbeat and cheery, there will be something for everyone.

  • Extended Play – 2008

Their first album. This is a collection of songs which span a range of themes, beats and feelings. Some songs are really upbeat and will get you swaying whilst others are more suited to laying in bed and taking in the lyrics. One such happy song about learning to all get on with one another, be happy and make do, is called “The Monkey and the Lion“. I struggled to find album versions of the releases so I’ll leave just this one video up. However, other favourite songs form the album include, Lovely and “Things Gonna Wait“.

  • Slow Down Feel Love – 2013

This is their latest album. This first song I will talk about is my favourite and probably my theme tune for summer. It’s a collaboration song written by the band and featuring artists such as Tristan Prettyman, Bushwalla, Jason Mraz, Alysse Fischer and others. It’s called “Thank You” and it’s a brilliant song which you will be singing along to and jigging in time with. It’s cheery, it’s upbeat, it’s about recognising and appreciating everything good in the world and being pleased and thankful for it. Pretty much does as the title suggests.

The second song on this album I want to talk about is called Coco. Another song that’s full of rhythm and will get you singing along. It’s a sing about enjoying someones company and getting to know them and how they can be your refuge and happiness.

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