Caro Emerald: For Those With Sophisticated Taste

This is a singer that my sister got me into (her music taste is usually highly questionable) and I’m very happy to be adding her to my music list of my top choices!

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Caro Emerald

Caro Emerald is a Dutch jazz singer. She came to the European publics attention when she was asked to step in and demo a song called “Back It Up” by Vincent Degiorgio. The original demo singer was unable to do it and so Emerald took up the gauntlet. She later performed the song on Dutch TV. This appearance  earned her much credit and attention. She and her team went on to write and produce a full album, which is the one I will be talking about below. Her music is heavily influenced by 1940’s and 1950’s jazz and dance floor vibes. She sings live, has a backing band and raw talent which oozes sophistication. This makes her a rare and very well hidden gem at a time where most popular music is made on computers with auto-tune.

“Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor” – 2010

This is her debut album and currently her only full album release. This was the album that “Back It Up”, which earned her critical acclaim. This is the song that I will start with.

  • Back It Up

Her first single, Back It Up is a catchy little song that will have you singing along in no time.  A song which came to her by chance, you would think it was written just for her, she captures the feeling perfectly. This is a song which is about making and listening to good jazz and dance floor based music. It’s about wanting to get up and dance, enjoy the sounds, the beat and have fun!

  • A Night Like This

This is a song about playing a game of love and attraction. You like each other but to ensure things go further, you need to play the game and dance the dance. Neither of you want to make the first move. It’s a tango, which is exactly the sort of music this song radiates. It’s sexy, it’s seductive and it is a sophisticated song.

  • Dr Wanna Do

For those of you who watch Strictly Come Dancing, you may recognise this song. It was the music played during Louis Smith’s Charleston dance. A very upbeat and perky tune about, quite simply, being very attracted to your doctor and day dreaming about him. It’s quirky, it gets your feet tapping and you will be singing it all day!

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