Do We Really Grow Up?

SWINGS!Whilst out at the park with my sister and my friend with her two little boys, I realised that us adults still enjoy the really simple and small things in life, exactly like her children. As I sat and pushed the boys on the swings, watching my sister and friend race each other on the other two to see who could get highest, it got me thinking about whether we really do grow up completely, or do we cling on to the things we enjoy as youngsters and is that ok?

Childish Traits

  • I’m 25 in a couple of months and I still have Tomato Ketchup with every meal. Pizza, chips, pasta, potatoes, sausages, burgers. If it needs sauce, I still cover it in the red stuff like a 7 year old.
  • If someone out smarts me or has a quick comeback and I don’t (I like to think it doesn’t happen too often), I pull “the face”. You know the one, ruck up one side of your mouth, tilt your head to the side and glare and sneer at them whilst making a “nuuuh” sound under your breath.
  • As mentioned above, my friends and I still like to play at the park when we’re out with the kids, I think we enjoy it more than them!clive
  • I have a small teddy bear – or monkey- on my bed. He’s one of those you can microwave on winter nights. He is called Clive.
  • I “oooo” and “ahhhh” at fireworks and demand I get a sparkler or 5 every Bonfire night.
  • I sometimes get irate when I have to do something I don’t want to and huff and puff about it. This is usually involving getting out of bed.
  • I love cartoons, particularly Disney films, especially Pixar. Lion Kind and  Despicable Me are two of my favourite ones.
  • I like to play in the snow and build snowmen.
  • I still like to scoop the icing or cake mix with my finger from the bowl when we’ve finished baking.

Conclusion: Should We Have Grown Out Of These?

Most people still have habits which stem from their childhood. Some are cute and endearing, others may be odd and questionable. As long as these traits don’t impact others and they make you happy then I think it’s good to hold onto them. It makes us feel young, it prompts memories of happy times, makes us feel secure. It’s good to feel young at heart and that may mean taking aspects of your youth with you into adulthood. Don’t be ashamed of them, they make you who you are!

Do you have any childhood habits you still do to this day?


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