The Pinterest Effect

Pinterest is the newest high profile social networking site. Many people have singed up and it can be used for both individual personal or business and brands. This article looks at what Pinterest is and why you should be using it either for your own pleasure or business needs.

What Is It?

Pinterest is an online pin board where you can “pin” your favourite website links, pictures, recipes, videos or anything else you find on the internet. It’s a great way of documenting the things you enjoy on boards which suit that topic. You can have as many boards as you like, both public and private, and even allow others (both selected people or general public) to pin onto your boards if you choose to. It’s a great way of bookmarking important or joyful websites and allowing interactions with others whilst doing it.

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Why It Works On A Personal And Marketing Level

  • Pinterest allows you to share your interests publicly. This means you can easily search for, follow and interact with others who share similar interests. Thus, it is a wonderful platform for interacting and connecting with people from all around the world, sharing links, creating popular boards and going viral if you are lucky. You can Re-Pin or “Like” other peoples pins and boards as well as follow and comment on them so you can easily make friends, find new interests, share your passions!
  • Pinterest has a huge and ever increasing number of users. If your business has an active website with high quality content, people will want to share it by pinning – so make sure you have a Pin button on your site! Although Pinterest has yet to develop a full business platform for itself, by having a niche business or topic, it’s easy for people to search and locate your website on Pinterest and follow it. It creates a whole new audience for you and a way of communicating with them. It’s a highly visual website so be sure to post blogs or links with photos, videos and visual aids. You don’t need to be restricted with just website work blogs though, it’s a social network and just like with all other social platforms businesses harness, you will benefit from posting the odd personal update. Maybe have a board named “The Team Loves This” and allow your colleagues to pin websites they enjoy. If your company has an Instagram account, create a board to share your photos there. Let your audience get to know you and feel they can connect. By being active and present on Pinterest, you can increase traffic to your website, create leads and therefore potential customers. You may also find some of your content will go viral if used correctly. 


Like with any social platform, if you know how it works and are willing to invest some time and effort into harnessing its power, you can reap its benefits, both personally and professionally.

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