5 Annoying Social Media Habits

For those of you who enjoy using social media, whether it be for business or personal use, you may have noticed online habits which don’t make much sense. This article looks at five traits which can be seen over various online networks and why they don’t work. 

1 – CC’ing Tweets

People who add cc @whoever. It makes no sense. It’s fine in an email, you are sending a carbon copy to one or more people, thus, more than one message is sent out. When you tweet, you are sending just one single tweet, thus there is no carbon copy. Save yourself some time and precious 140 characters and just leave it as an @ mention. If you are really concerned, stick brackets around the tagged name but adding CC makes a tweet look a little odd. Whoever it is you want to read it will be notified they have been mentioned, so will look and will realise why you have bought it to their attention.

2 – Following Dead or Inactive Accounts

We’ve all seen it. Been browsing Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and noticed that a user has been inactive for months/years or not even used their account short of registering for one, and yet they have people following them. Why? If an account has been inactive for longer than a few months, you are wasting your time following it. Below is a prime example. Comedian Eddie Izzard has a Pinterest account. He has no boards. He has no pins. He has no likes. What he does have though, is 3,142 followers. Over three thousand people have seen his profile, seen that he doesn’t use it and still followed it. It’s a very pointless thing to do!

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 00.15.43

3 – Facebook Hashtags

Hashtags don’t link out on Facebook, thus rendering it useless to use one in a status update. It can imply a meaning or feeling about something, but it is a Twitter trait not a Facebook one. When you see them in your newsfeed it looks out of place and as though the user doesn’t quite grasp why it shouldn’t be used in this platform. Some social media habits are not transferable from platform to platform, the hashtag is one.

4 – Inspiring Quotes

My Twitter feed is filled to the brim with “life enhancing quotes”. Some people find it inspiring and nice to read once in a blue moon, but on the whole, you will be unfollowed when people realise that’s all the content you really deliver. It’s not original, it’s spam and it’s dull. Social media is about connecting, not boring people with quotes from poems or books or song lyrics. When people want to be inspired with that stuff, they have their own songs, books and poems to pick up and immerse themselves in.

5 – Duplicate RSS Feeds

People who use social media to share feeds is fine, but what doesn’t make sense is people who duplicate their feeds using different apps or sources. It creates spam and clogs up followers timelines. It looks messy and unprofessional. Using more than one app for your RSS feeds is acceptable, just be sure they are not sending out the same data. Whether it be on Facebook or Twitter, having updates which are exactly same, other than a change in URL link formation due to the different apps, is spam and should be avoided.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 22.45.59


Social media is a great institution of the modern day, when used correctly. We all make mistakes, but accounts which make repeated ones, or people who fail to understand the differences in platforms, their role and use, can be annoying for others who bear witness to it. Knowing how to harness each network correctly is key in making your social media use effective and keeping others on side.

~ Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ladybeames ~


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