5 Places You Don’t Want To Wake Up

Whilst out and about this weekend, I couldn’t help but hear a conversation a group of people, maybe late teens, early twenties, were having. They were talking about places they have woken up after a night out on the lash. Some of it was quite funny, others were worrying and dangerous. It got me thinking, which are the five places you wouldn’t want to wake up in? I’ve never woken up anywhere outrageous but here is my list of places I’d rather not find myself waking up.

morgue1 – The Morgue

Goes without saying, if you end up here, something has gone wrong. Something is really wrong if you wake up. Whether you wind up in there after drunken antics, have been hugely misdiagnosed as dead, or have broken in and fallen asleep, waking up here would freak you out. The funny thing is, this has been known to happen, around the world, more than once. This 50 year old man from South Africa woke up inside one, and, quite understandably, started screaming for help. Perhaps this woman, who was pronounced dead after an operation also goes to show you don’t want to wake up in a freezing fridge surrounded by dead bodies, “[could have] perished alive of horror”. Waking up trapped in a small, cold space filled with dead and nasty looking bodies is not ideal, hence why it tops this list! I suppose we can add waking up in a coffin for this section too…

2 – Tied To Railway Tracks

Much like a scene from a silent movie, it’s a nasty prank to wake up tied to train tracks. No one wants to get squished by a fast-moving train with no chance of escape. Alternatively, waking up on tracks even if you are not tied to them will be scary. I would be willing to bet some drunk people who have gone walk about whilst inebriated, have tripped, passed out or decided to rest on or around tracks and train tunnels. It’s dangerous and when you do realise where you are, you will want to get a shift on to safety as soon as possible!

3 – Location Unknown

Drunk people don’t have their wits about them. My uncle once got on a train home after a long and heavy night out only to end up falling asleep and missing his stop, by 2 hours. So, he got on a train the other way to go home. Fell asleep. Ended up back at his first destination. Funny now years later, not at the time! But what if you pass out and then have no idea where you are when you come round? You need to locate yourself, figure out a way home and make sure you have enough money to do so. Waking up in a house/place/country you didn’t expect to can be disorientation, dangerous and scary. You certainly don’t want to be waking up in a strangers bed, no memory of the night before, how you got there, what you got up to and where you are. Not good!

4 – Bin/Skip

This happened to someone I knew. They got drunk, couldn’t get home so slept in their car. Woke up in the night to go to the loo, thought a wheelie bin was their car, fell asleep in that on its side. Nothing like sleeping in a bin to make you feel like a tramp the next day!

5 – Great Yarmouth, England UK

Enough said.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 17.16.37

~ Image sources: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vancouvercoastalhealth ~


2 thoughts on “5 Places You Don’t Want To Wake Up

  1. Hi Nikki,

    Great post and you certainly got some pictures going on in my mind about waking up in undesirable places after a night on the old drink!

    It reminded me of seeing younger people really out of it on a Friday night. I wonder what many of them would think if they saw a video of their behaviour the next day!

    I liked the image about Great Yarmouth. This was funny! 🙂

    • I live close to Yarmouth so I am allowed to be cheeky about it 🙂
      I agree with you about people out on Friday nights, they don’t think about the dangers at all and it’s scary. Lets hope they never need learn a hard lesson. Thank you for your comment, pleased you liked it 🙂

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