5 Things Women Want In A Man

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It’s Valentines day! A day for romance and love. Women want to feel loved, have someone special to share their night (and lives) with. Finding the right man can be tricky though. Many of us have had bad experiences with men in the past. Very few people are lucky enough to never have had a bad relationship. The question is, what do women really want in a man? As a newly single woman, this article looks at the characteristics I want in my perfect man and I would be willing to believe that many other women would agree!

1 – Caring, Kind & Considerate

Above all else, we want to settle down with a man who is caring and kind. Bad boys are fun when you’re young but not what we want when we are older. You can’t trust a bad boy to be good and you can get hurt. A man who puts others first, not just his girlfriends, but his friends and family, shows a sweet and caring nature. We want to know that when we need him, he will be there for us, whether it’s emotionally, financially or physically. None of us want a selfish man who only cares about himself, his needs, making out he should be the only person of importance in your life, what you should be doing for him and even then, do it all his way. I’ve been in that relationship, it’s not fun, it’s not fair and it’s not healthy. He needs to be able to take our thoughts, feelings and opinions into account as well as his own. Being kind and compassionate to those important to him really shows a true man. You can tell a man by the number of friends he has after all.

2 – Willing To Communicate

We want to be with a man who will sit and listen to us talk about the things which are important. If there is something we feel we should talk about, we want and need them to listen. On the flip side, it’s important the man is willing to talk to us too. If he has problems, issues or worries, he should be able to talk about it and not keep it all to himself. If couples keep things from each other, rather than talking about them as and when they appear, it will stop them boiling over and causing problems. Keeping things from each other means a relationship will not work in the long run. Being in a healthy, happy relationship means being able to talk to one another, and women want that level of connection. It’s very special to have someone to confide in and have someone to confide in you.

3 – Handsome

There has to be some initial level of attraction for a relationship to spark up between two people. I like a man who is tall, dark haired, has some stubble, not fussed about colour of eyes. Alternatively, I like a man who is short, blonde, blue eyed. I’m not really that fussed though beard is [usually] best in my opinion. Being a snappy dresser is also sexy. In fact, if he looks anything like Tom Hiddleston (pictured- you can see why I like him!) or Michael Fassbender, I’d be a very happy lady! All women would like a man to be proud of and have that sense of pride when they go out and catch other women looking. However, regardless of popular belief, looks are not the be all and end all. The other characteristics listed are what really count but as mentioned, there does need to be a level of attraction for it to work!

4 – Funny

cliché I know, but we do like a man who can make us laugh. We all need to laugh, we all want to laugh and having a man who can pick us up when we are feeling down and make us smile is important. Laughing with, or even at each other, helps break the ice, relax, relieves tension and helps you bond. This is all important to having a healthy and happy relationship. We find people who laugh and can make others laugh attractive. It’s a good quality to have and important for relationships.

5 – Intelligent

We like a man with brains who can hold a conversation and has something to offer. Whether it be keeping up to date with current affairs, an avid reader, a professional in his field, or being creative, intelligence is important. We don’t want Einstein, we just want someone we can have meaningful talks and debates with, otherwise a relationship can feel stagnated and slow. Someone of equal intelligence would work best.


Women want a man who is kind, makes them laugh, can talk openly about things, will listen and be there for them. Essentially, we want to be treated the same as we would treat someone special to us. Being in a considerate, happy, loving and equal partnership where both people’s needs and feelings are met, is what a woman really wants!

~ Image sources: http://www.flickr.com/photos/michellewright ~


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