3 Hilarious And Stunning Twitter Accounts To Follow

The joy of Twitter is that you are constantly finding new accounts to follow which really lighten up your feed. I’ve written previously about four accounts you should follow but since then, I’ve stumbled across some more so thought I would share. This article looks at three other accounts which can be found on Twitter to make you smile!

Tips For Actors

I enjoy this account as I studied drama at both GCSE and A Level so putting on plays and acting is something I am familiar with. I also have a sister who studied drama at University and is regularly in plays so living with an actor means I know first hand how melodramatic they can be…! Tips For Actors is a spoof account aimed at ridiculing theatre and luvvies. Some of my favourite tweets from this account include:

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 13.32.42

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 13.32.56

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 13.34.26

For those of you who like the theatre, or are even treading the boards yourself, this is an account you should follow as it’s funny, somewhat realistic and simply just fun. Don’t take offense!

Fascinating Pictures

Fascinating Pictures is a Twitter account which does exactly what the title suggests. Publishes fascinating photos! From sunsets, snow, mountain views, animals, wildlife, natures, people, cities and skies, this account has everything. Stunning photos you will be pleased to have in your feed. I am usually so taken by their images that I retweet them regularly. Below is a small example of the photos they post each and every day.

Sleepy Commuters

This can be a hilarious addition to your feed. We’ve all been witness to this. Sat on a train, plane, bus, boat and had some poor tired soul nodding off. They can be so tired they sleep in the weirdest positions and with the most delightful expressions on their faces. This is a Twitter feed for those who have been unfortunate enough to be photographed asleep on public transport. It’s cruel, but it is very funny!


There are millions of active Twitter accounts, finding the ones you enjoy can take time but there are plenty that can bring a smile to your face if you know where to find them!


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