Emily Barker: Folk Sensation

I’ve been a little lazy with my music blogs lately but I’m getting them back on track. This one is the first female to grace the list! She is a folk singer by the name of Emily Barker.

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Emily Barker

Born in Bridgetown, Western Australia, Emily Barker is forging a blossoming career in folk music. With her song “Nostalgia” featuring as the theme tune to BBC TV show Wallander, she came to the attention of British homes. It is how I myself came to know of her. She leads a band called “The Red Clay Halo”, and together with their tight, well structured folk music, they compliment her singing,voice and words perfectly. Some songs are haunting whilst others are upbeat and jaunty. Others simply consist of instrumental pieces as well which show cases their music abilities and are lovely to listen to.

Despite The Snow

This is the album which features the song that made her name in the UK and the song I want to write about. As mentioned above, the theme tune from Wallander was from this album. Nostalgia is a haunting song, both in terms of music and lyrics. It opens with a quiet and somewhat dramatic instrumental. A little later Emily’s voice comes in and you are immediately taken by her vocals and the words. A song about being away from the place and/or someone you love and hoping they can hear you tell them you miss them as well as them help you find a way home.


Fields of June

To my delight, I found out she had done a duet with another singer I really enjoy, Frank Turner (who I will be covering in up coming weeks). The song is called “Fields of June” and is about breaking up. The girl is no longer in love with the man and wants to bury their love, and him, once and for all. It’s a light-hearted folk song and the video is one to match. It is a nod to the old black and white silent movies and fits the story of the song well. With two great singer/song writers combined in one song, it could only be good! If you are anything like me, you will be humming this tune for days after.


Emily Barker and The Red Clay Halo are very easy and a joy to listen to. The sort of music you can play on a cold, raining winter afternoon or at a dinner party on a summer’s evening. The blend of jolly, relaxing, upbeat, meaningful and playful means there is something to suit your mood, whatever that may be.

Useful Links

Website: http://www.emily-barker.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/emilybarkerhalo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmilyBarkerHalo


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