Can You Escape Twitter?

I’ve been checking my Twitter feed tonight and just now I refreshed it to find the following message:

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 22.19.03

I read it and thought to myself, “is that not an old feature?”. I already show one tweet from my feed on this website as well as a Follow button. Just the one tweet shows though, for the simple fact I don’t want to spam my followers or visitors with social media tweets that may not be relevant to this site. My Twitter is an open feed, I’ve connected it to blogs and my Contact Page as well as the home landing page. People have the chance to follow and view my profile as and when they wish. I can do this internally with WordPress Widgets, is there a need for me to do it from Twitter? Here’s what I think.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 22.46.38Why It’s a Good Idea

I appreciate the fact that having Twitter on your website can be a good thing. It shows that you are a social personal it allows a separate platform of communication between you and your audience. They can reach out to you there if that’s what makes them feel more comfortable. It allows them to locate you easily. It also provides light relief and novelty to your website, gives people something to read and look at. It can work if you use it correctly. It looks more professional that your bog standard Widget option. It replicates your feed in a neat, concise manner rather than basic words and links. It looks nice and that is important in a cosmetic world.

Why It’s Not Always Necessary

I believe all blogs and websites should link out to a Twitter profile if you have one. As mentioned above, it allows people to follow your updates (which can mean your blog by default) and communicate with you. However, Twitter is a separate entity to your blog or website. Blogs and sites are places you can write, usually more than 140 characters, and talk about things away from your feed. They are a place to be professional and business like. It can be distracting to have a whole social media platform on your site, that’s not what people visit it for.


It depends on what you use your website or bog for, but for those which aim to be professional, it may be a good idea to limit the Tweets which show on your feed to one or two and a Follow button. That way, people can get a taster of what you tweet and have the ability to follow you from there rather than clutter your site and distract your viewer.


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