Less Is Not More: Todays Tasteless Fashion

Fake tanThe media these days is filled with images of women spray tanned, donning hair extensions, fake eye lashes, a good six inches of make-up, fake nails, fake boobs and killer sky scraper heels. Some consider this look sexy, usually the woman dressed as such. In fact, it’s such a common sight these days, there are TV shows dedicated to it. Snog, Marry, Avoid on BBC takes these women, and men, and gives them “make-unders” to show these individuals that they don’t need fakery and make-up to look beautiful. Although I don’t think much of the look, it doesn’t offend me when I see it. This article looks at why I wouldn’t dress like this and why it isn’t always a good look.


The constant spray tans or sun beds, buying the make-up, glitter, eye lashes, hair extensions, lotions and potions, jewelry, fake nails, clothes all adds up. On top of that, some women go in for plastic surgery as well and that certainly isn’t cheap. To maintain a look such as this is costly and time consuming and those are two things I don’t have just to look tacky on a night out. Some women can spend hundreds a week on this look, over a year that adds up and I’d rather put that money towards a house, a holiday or something nice.


  • Sun beds are not good for you. We all know that. Most people now opt for spray tans or liquid ones but some still prefer the UV lights. No Make upamount of free drinks on a night out, or getting attention is worth the potential health risks this can cause. I’d rather rock the pale English Rose look.
  • For those who prefer glued in hair extensions over clip in ones, this has devastating effects on your hair. In fact, you can end up loosing it all. It pulls out the follicles, it dries the hair, it can create bald patches which may never grow back. By bulking out your hair for a night out, you actually end up making your natural hair a mess. You then rely on extensions further to hide it and it can be a nasty circle.
  •  Having your skin clogged up with tan, make-up and powders means you don’t give it time to breath and recover. You then end up replying on make-up to cover your tired looking skin and so it continues.
  • It’s a sad fact that sometimes when women dress provocatively, they can attract the wrong sort of attention. If you’ve been drinking and have a look that invites mens attentions, it could land you in potentially dangerous situations. I know this rare but it does happen and it’s something that women should be aware of.


It’s a sad fact that we tend to judge people who dress a certain way. They may be the nicest person you could ever wish to meet, but if they go out dressed in just their underwear, high heels, orange skin and a face full of slap, we apply labels. We may well be wrong to do so but we all do it, for all sorts of people. See a Goth and you think depressed teenager,  see someone wearing cords or tweed and think “history teacher”. You get my point. We apply nasty stereotypes to women who dress a certain way. When I was at University, there were a couple of girls the year below me who dressed like this. One always had her boobs on show, the other was so orange you could have used her to wave in aircraft on a landing strip. They were always together, tottering along in their heels, even during the day for boring lectures. No one knew their names but we all called them “Tits and Tango”. Maybe we were being a little harsh on them but that’s how they were largely known on campus and it was accurate of their look.


Women have the right to dress how they please. We also need to be aware that personal responsibility is important and that some ways of dressing may cause bad, unnecessary or unwelcome reputations and attention, it’s an unfortunate truth. We humans do like to label people whether it’s right to do so or not and so for women who like to dress like this as it makes them feel good get unfairly stereotyped. It can create problems if men think that a look makes a women an easy target. None of this is fair but it’s the reality of the situation. Dressing sexy but suitably is possible when you know which clothes and looks suit you. Less is not always more. It’s also an expensive habit to maintain and in a day where money is not going far, it can be better spent.

~ Image sources: http://www.flickr.com/photos/68927896@N06 ~

~ http://www.flickr.com/photos/reanjos~


2 thoughts on “Less Is Not More: Todays Tasteless Fashion

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Very well written. There is a very thin (or huge?!) line between faked beauty and enhancd natural beauty, also, I’m a firm believer there’s a time and place for everything. Lovely blog BTW!

    • Thank you very much! I’m pleased you agree, you can have a natural beauty regime and not look tasteless at the same time. I think women can do as they please but must be aware of the consequences and implications. Natural look for me! Pleased you enjoy my blog, feel free to stop by as much as you like 🙂

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