Hug Please

Frosty, by me. Aged 24. I know, he’s wonderful.


The snow is finally melting here in England. When you are a child, that’s a sad fact. It means no more school days, no more playing in the snow with your friends and family and having snow ball fights. The older we get, the more we are pleased to see the back of it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s stunning to look at, it’s just not practical, particularly in a country that doesn’t know how to handle more than an inch of it. But here is my attempt at making the most of it before it all melts. Frosty was made in about 30 seconds, stands at half a foot tall and, as you can see, is a happy soul who is reaching out for a hug. In the mean time, my friends two sons, both under ten years, made a huge one that looked brilliant. Until it’s head fell off. It wasn’t me…

Coming Soon

I’ve been a bit busy this week but rest assured, I shall spend this weekend catching up with my writing and will be publishing some non snow related articles. Things to look forward to next week: parents on social media, relaunching my weekly music/singer review and why you shouldn’t be known as “Tits’N’Tango”. You can stay tuned by following me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or by email.


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