Missing: Have You seen? Ask Twitter

Twitter has become a goldmine for accounts listing missing people or pets. If you have an active Twitter feed, you may even notice tweets highlighting missing persons or such almost daily, whether it be retweets or accounts you actively follow tweeting themselves. This blog looks at why Twitter has become the go to platform for missing persons and pets and if it works.

Why It Works

Twitter is a fast moving, real-time platform. As well as that, you can connect easily. It just takes one person who follows you to retweet, reply, tweet their followers informing them of your plight, their followers take an interest and do the same and suddenly you have an audience of hundreds or thousands. With more people aware, the more chance there is of someone seeing something or being able to provide information and helping locate the missing person, animal or object. It can also implant a subconscious memory so incase someone does see something after seeing a tweet, they recall that it’s important.

Tweet The Right People

It’s not just a case of tweeting out of your account and hoping it gets seen. You can tweet others in the hope that they retweet people and inform their followers. For example, when it comes to missing pets on Twitter, tweeting animal charities or animal rights activists or even high-profile vets and asking them for a retweet will help you. These are people or institutions who care about animal welfare so will help you if they can. The people who follow these charities or companies are also likely to be animal lovers and so you are successfully reaching out to people who would help and care. It may also be worth asking celebs for retweets but don’t be upset if they don’t, they get asked all day every day for such things. That’s why it’s best to stick primarily to related accounts. This is something that TV celebrity Dawn O’Porter can vouch for after her beloved cat went missing and Twitter helped find her after days.

Screen Shot 2012-12-25 at 23.57.43

If you are looking for people, try tweeting police branches, homeless shelters, hospitals and other charities such as The Big Issue. These are people who deal with missing persons regularly so again, will be more likely to help.


Not every story of loss will end well, it’s an inevitable truth. However, you can help raise awareness of a loss via Twitter and that can help in certain circumstances. You have nothing to lose by turning to Twitter, or even Facebook, for help in locating missing persons or pets, there is a chance someone out there will see a tweet and come forward. The wider the audience, the more people who could potentially help. Connecting with the right people, in the right fields will also be a huge help at spreading the word.

~ Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pulis_saklolo~


4 thoughts on “Missing: Have You seen? Ask Twitter

  1. Please help! My son KEVIN TUMLINSON has been missing since July 27th. In the Denver, Colorado and Englewood area. His picture is on Facebook or my number is 903-240-2164 and can send pic and reached at anytime. Anyone with info please respond. Thank you. From his Mother.

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