Sun, Sex And The Head Cracker Pint

The British youth of today, of which I am part, has a reputation for partying, binge drinking, outrageous behaviour, sexual exploits, occasional outbursts of violence. This isn’t just reserved for home soil though. We take it on holiday, and what’s worse, we amplify it. There is a trend on TV at the moment to make documentaries about teens on holiday in Ibiza, Malia, Kavos, Magaluf and other party fuelled hotspot destinations. They go just to get utterly paralytic on shots of spirits and have sex, with little to no thought about the consequences of not only their own health or the reputation of British teens around the world. This article looks at the holiday behaviour and ethos of British youth and why it’s spiralled out of control.


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Alcohol, one of the top two reasons people go on holiday to places such as Ibiza and Kavos and endless others. With drinks such as the “Shitface Pint” or “Head Cracker” each containing up to 10 shots of mixed spirits in one glass and costing as little as €3, it’s easy to do. (Note, to get “shit faced” means to get completely drunk to the point of passing out). No one is ever at their best when drunk, particularly not 17-25 year olds on holiday. You loose your inhibitions, you are open to vulnerable and dangerous situations, you can become rude or aggressive. When 10,000 Brits are doing this at the same time along the same strips every night, it gives off a very bad reputation. It’s never a positive thing when people are falling over, passed out on the curb, throwing up all over public places, screaming, shouting, having sex in public and being generally outrageous as a result of alcohol.


Most teens and twenty-somethings go out there to have no strings attached sex. They are away from home, away from mum and dad, have a week to do exactly as they please and exactly who they please. Usually as a result of alcohol, one night stands are high in these party capitals. That means high risk of sexually transmitted infection. It’s reported that 1 in 3 people in Kavos suffer from chlamydia. That is an extraordinary high percentage of people walking around with a STI, drinking and having it off with strangers, usually unprotected. You are putting yourself at a huge risk of sickness with this behaviour, and it’s not worth it. A documentary on Channel 4 highlights the nonchalant sexual attitudes of British teens in “What Happens in Kavos…“. See for yourself just how bad it is. If you are outside the UK, it can also be found on YouTube. Sex games are also encouraged, in pubs and clubs and on booze cruises by pub owners and tour guides. Girls are given free drinks of they perform sexual acts on  men in front of everyone, or the girl to sexually excite their male partner (usually a complete stranger) are crowned winner. It’s hardly professional or acceptable behaviour.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 14.56.03Dares and Reckless Attitudes

It’s not just holiday makers that go in for the full party attitude, the reps do it all summer long too. British twenty somethings go out and find work along the strips in bars and clubs and encourage the binge drinking, sexual exploits. Reps in Kavos have a dare system in place that if you sleep with the same person three times, you drink a pint of urine. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s a strangers urine, so you don’t even know what health risks that will pose to you, you can after all, catch SDT’s via this behaviour. It’s not drinking bodily fluids that can cause problems. Accidents are a high consequence of this holiday behaviour. The news each year has segments explaining the sad death of a British holiday maker who has died falling from balconies, falling from dance platforms, fights, drowning, accidents in general. Reckless behaviour can result in tragic outcomes, something that these drink fuelled teens fail to realise. You go on holiday to have fun, drink to excess and be foot loose and fancy free, but this can result in death or injury, quickly ruining a holiday of a lifetime. A BBC documentary, though I use that term lightly, allows parents to spy on their teens first holiday abroad to these places. “Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents” shows the attitudes of holiday makers and how it can be shocking and cringe worthy. Stacey Dooley’s “The truth About Magaluf” also shows it in all its grim reality.

It’s Allowed

The countries which see the most tourism also see the greatest amount of money made. By allowing lax rules, cheap drinks, and general “anything goes” attitude, people are inspired to go each year and continue this trend. If firmer rules were put in place, minimum price for drinks enforced, firmer repercussions for violence and bad behaviour, safety of holiday makers may be better.


First thing first, not everyone who goes on these holidays falls under this category of bad, sexual, drinking behaviour. The vast majority do but not all. Nor am I a complete prude, I go out, drink, have fun but this is not my idea of a fun holiday. Drinking too much you pass out in the streets, having sex with strangers, getting hurt, embarrassing yourself after one too many drinks, is not good behaviour or fun. It also does nothing for the reputation of British youth. There is also the point of self-preservation and responsibility to look after yourself and know your limits, but when there are so little rules, when it’s so accepted and when everyone else is doing it, its easy to fall into bad habits. The authorities of the capitals should also have some responsibility that the people there are looked after, and safe.

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2 thoughts on “Sun, Sex And The Head Cracker Pint

  1. I’m a traveler and I’ve seen this stuff frequently in the past. Now I generally avoid these places, but you can’t help but pass through one occasionally. Young people need to fully realize that this sort of behavior is something for which they’ll pay for the rest of their lives. Disease, illegitimate children, addictions are all very ugly stuff as an adult. Drinking a lot is also a great way to get all your stuff stolen, or worse. Of course when I was young I rarely listened to good advice. I’ve always wondered why it’s mostly Brits (with a fair share of Germans) that I see uncontrollably drunk overseas. I suppose a big part of the reason is that Brits and Germans dominate among travelers, with the Germans a generally older lot.

    • Hello, thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I’m pleased you agree. It’s a nasty environment and one that makes me embarrassed about British reputations abroad. You are right in the fact that you could impact your future with this behaviour but people don’t think of that when they go out on their holidays. It’s just seven days of fun to them. Maybe it’s time for the resorts to step up and take on more responsibility. If rules were harder, drinks more expensive and clubs closed at X time, it may all help.

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