Love Food? Get On Social Media Or Start A Blog!

I’ve been on Twitter for about three years, Pinterest for about six months and blogging (properly) for nearly three months. Since joining more platforms, I can’t help but notice just how much food content gets posted, whether I search for it or not it is in my feeds. Every time I login into a network my taste buds start tingling and I re-pin, like or favourite the ones which really get my attention. This article looks at why social media and blogging can help foodies expand their horizons and introduce you to more food recipes than you may think.


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Pinterest is probably the best social media platform for food lovers. All you need to do is search for food, any type of food, and you will find there are plenty of people pinning it. Whether you follow a board or a pinner generally, your feed will be filled with photos of delicious looking dishes and all you need do is click on the link/photo to get the recipe. By searching for specific recipes, ingredients or dishes, you can find new methods, new foods, new cooking ideas. I use Pinterest to search for new, interesting vegetarian foods, so I can cook for my family and it’s not your bog standard Spaghetti Bolognese or pasta option. The prominent photos and visuals also help make Pinterest a key recipe source because you can see what the finished outcome looks like and decide whether you want to look into it further. Photos speak louder than words and certainly when your stomach is involved!  There are so many people pinning so many great recipes that you wont be short of finding great tasting dishes to suit you. I have a food board myself, feel free to follow it!


Twitter is another great option for people who like to keep up with food news. Most restaurants, chefs, or simply just other food lovers, are on Twitter so you can follow the ones you like and learn how to cook what they do. With the 140 character limit, food tweeters will keep the dish details concise and easy, usually with a link to a more detailed and in-depth way of creating it yourself. Twitter isn’t as visually pleasing as Pinterest so you can sometimes miss a good recipe if there are no photo links in the tweet and the description isn’t punchy enough, but it’s still a great way of gathering interesting meal options.

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Facebook Pages and Groups

Facebook is the worlds largest social media site, you may not have branched into Twitter or Pinterest, but you may be likely to have a Facebook profile. From there, you can search and hunt for chefs, various types of cuisine to make, and places to eat out. There is a group or page for anything. By “Liking” pages and joining groups, you need never miss a tasty dish option, so be sure to search for the types of food you love to keep up with news and learn new recipes and tips.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 14.44.39WordPress

Since joining WordPress, I have found a whole new selection of food blogs which I love! By setting up food tags in your “Reader” section, you can be sure to have all blogs mentioning the related search get filtered into your feed. You can filter for Veggie food, lamb, beef, soup, pasta, whatever takes your fancy! There will be someone writing brilliant blogs about the things you love and it also allows you to follow, “Like” and bookmark these pages so you have them safe. See a blog that is consistent with its food content? Then you can even follow that blog specifically so you never miss what they are writing! It’s so easy, so simple and so convenient that you will wonder why you didn’t do it before. If you yourself have a range of recipes, start a blog yourself and share them with the world!


Taking full advantage of the social media platforms available to you, means that you can stay on top of the things you enjoy, in this case it’s food! Everyone needs to eat, food is universal, we all need it, we all enjoy it and we can all help each other share ideas on what to eat, how to make it and enjoy it. Social media isn’t just about socialising with friends and family, it’s also about expanding horizons, connecting and allowing you to enjoy the things you love.

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