The Satisfaction Of Sisters

Many of us have grown up with siblings, younger, older, brothers or sisters. They have their moments, both good and bad, but ultimately most of us wouldn’t be without them since we have them. I myself have two sisters, one is my twin, only twelve minutes younger than me, yet plays the middle child card like a trooper, and another one who is two years younger. This article looks at the merits of having sisters, mostly around the same age and how they can be, on a good day, your best friends.


Being a twin meant I was never on my own and nor was she. On that first scary day of school, going to new places, I always had Penny, whether she liked it or not! We had each other which meant we always had a friend. Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t joined at the hip and the school ensured that we were put in different class slots for some subjects to suit our talents, abilities and so we wouldn’t always be together, but it was a great relief to have her around. We had our own friends and did our own things, but there is an unshakeable bond that you will always have the other around when you need her. To go through milestones with someone who is going through it themselves is a really comforting and nice feeling. I always felt for our younger sister, who had to do those mile stones and scary first days alone, but then, most people are not a twin and she still had her friends.


The three of us are great friends, well, usually! We bicker, argue, moan about one another, but ultimately we are all friends. We go out for lunch, go shopping, borrow clothes, help one another out, drink together and most importantly, we laugh together. The secret to being good sisters is to be good friends. Strip away the genes and you will find that being able to look upon your siblings as good friends helps all of you feel comfortable, relaxed and get on well. They are there when you need them to be, pick you up when you are down, help make a good night out a great night out, talk with you and love you. They also understand you much better than most other people. They have lived with you, grown up with you, seen you at your worst and best and helped mould you into who you are. They can be hard on you when you need it but gentle when required. They tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, because ultimately they have your best interests at heart. All the makings of a friend for life. It’s very well being related by blood, but if you don’t make an effort to get on, socialise and enjoy each other, you wont get the full benefits of the joys of siblings.



Siblings are not there to make your life miserable (although sometimes it feels they are!). It’s important you remember that they are they for you, as you should be for them, they are fun and they are your friends. Some brothers and sisters are quite alike, others are polar opposites, but that shouldn’t detract from the sense of security, love and friendship you get from them. Be sure to set time aside for your brothers or sisters, you will feel all the better for it.


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