A Cheats Guide To Looking Good

In a world obsessed with looking good and flawless, it can be frustrating when you wake up in the mornings and feel like you are staring back at a troll in the mirror. This blog helps outline some quick and simple tips which help you look and feel refreshed and wont cost you a fortune. From practical tips to lotions and potions, you can pick up some helpful hints to keep you looking good.

Beauty Sleep

Sleep is very important and has a huge impact on how you look. Not enough sleep and you can end up with bags under your eyes, blood-shot eyes, bad skin and generally looking a little worse for wear. Your body uses the time you sleep to repair, grow and flourish. Your skin is one particular organ which works its hardest whilst you dream. It sheds old cells, repairs blemishes or wounds and makes you look fresh-faced and healthy. Sleep also means your whole body relaxes and unwinds, which can help shake off any aches and pains, making you feel and move better thus helping you appear and look more confident. If you rest up enough to let your body heal properly, you don’t look so crippled and sore! Experts usually recommend about 8 hours a night to ensure you are fully rested and healing. Don’t panic too much if you, like many in this non stop modern world, don’t get the recommended hours. Power nap when you can, grab some quiet time in between work and activities, it all helps.

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 23.26.50Drink Water

Water is another essential beauty must have. Your body uses up water all day every day. You loose it through perspiration, breathing, expelling waste. Your body also needs water to wash out toxins, maintain healthy blood and cells and keep your body functioning as it should. By drinking plenty of water each day, 2 liters is recommended, you can help your body maintain the levels of H2O needed to stay healthy. This means the water helps your skin repair as it helps rebalance naturally occurring oils thus clearing up your complexion. It keeps your organs healthy, helps flush out all the bad stuff you may have ingested during the day, all of which could impact on your looks. Keep a bottle of water on you at all times, a jug in the fridge at home, a bottle on your desk at work and even one in your car to make sure you have some on you at all times. Obviously, getting two liters a day isn’t always practical and there are other drinks you may fancy, but swapping one or two mugs of coffee for water will help.

Eyebrows and Pampering

This may seem like an odd topic but it is important. For most women, setting aside time to pluck your eyebrows every few days just isn’t important or practical. It’s sore, unpleasant and none of us really enjoys it. This can mean that sometimes we go weeks, or in some cases, a month or so, without plucking. In these cases, you can wake up one morning, look in the mirror and think, “Are those two hedge rows growing on my face?! No wait, they’re my eyebrows…”. By setting aside half an hour one night ever week or even two, to pluck and preen, you look and feel better. Having a regular routine and pattern for some you time means you don’t need to worry about fitting it in as and when. You can pamper yourself with face masks  a glass of wine and a bath and get it all done at once, ready for a week or two before you need worry again. Bliss.


Looking after your hair is also important. It is your crown after all. If it is frizzy, dry and unkept, people will notice and it can impact on your beauty and looks. The most important thing to remember with your hair is to condition it. Find a conditioner which really works for you, and make sure you leave it on for two minutes each time you wash. It may also be a good idea to invest in a leave in conditioner to use every few days to keep your hair nourished and silky smooth. Your hair also needs to be kept healthy by having the bad ends cut off regularly  Hair dressers would suggest six-week appointments but as long as you get a quick trim every few months, it will help.


By moisturising daily, you help your skin lock in moisture, oils and nutrients that your skin needs to replenish and have in order to look its best. Feeling  soft makes you feel sexy too which also helps your confidence. By buying a good cream which works for your skin and its own unique needs, you can help it look its best for a healthy glow. Using Rose water and Vitamin E based products can really help. You can read more in another one of my articles dedicated to the benefits of these.


Looking good doesn’t need to mean too much hard work or spending a fortune on miracle creams. It’s not necessary, if you make small changes to your diet, sleeping pattern and personal grooming, you will notice the small differences add up and you feel great for it!

~ Image sources: http://www.flickr.com/photos/johnkay ~

~ http://www.flickr.com/photos/thermenhotel_legenstein ~


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