Have You Sold Your Soul To Social Media?

Social media is something that you can’t really escape from these days. Whether you use it for personal reasons, your business, work or connecting, it’s everywhere. There are so many networks, Facebook, Twitter G+, Instagram, blogs and others. But just how integrated is social media in your life? How much do you share on it? How much do you get asked to share on it?

Personal Information

This is not just as simple as your name, age or sex. These days everyone and everything expects you to be on social media and thus tries to use it as an advertisement or as a manner to get you to talk about things. Have you ever gone to your bank to tend to your funds and have them ask you whether you want to share your transfers online via social media? It happens. Personally, I think this is too much and is no one else’s business other than yours. It can also be dangerous, if you are transferring large sums of money or have certain data, you don’t want it being shared. Obviously, it is a personal choice, you can opt out, but it seems ludicrous that it’s even considered an option. Your finances and your financial movements are hugely personal, it’s rude to even suggest sharing it on the internet for all to see.

Screen Shot 2012-11-11 at 23.23.33

What Are You Buying?

If you, like most people these days, do online shopping, you may have noticed that websites ask you if you would like to share your purchase choices on social media. Again, is this something that you need, should or would even want to share? Does your audience even care about what you buy in your own free time? It’s not always convenient to share it either. What if you bought these items as a gift? You may accidentally end up giving it away if the recipient follows you on social media. It could also mean you end up getting bombarded with companies trying to sell you similar products.

Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 10.24.12

What Are You Reading?

Some websites, particularly news based ones, now ask if you want to link up your Facebook or Twitter and then they post to your newsfeed which of their articles you have been looking at. Although it is optional, you don’t always know this function is turned on so you end up browsing the site, reading articles just to find out all your online friends can see. Some of them may be embarrassing to read, you know the types, the ones with the catchy title you can’t help but click on no matter how cringe worthy, and then everyone knows that’s what you like to read!


Social media platforms love photos! They thrive on them. I reset Facebook on my phone lately and added G+ just for both of them to ask “Do you want to automatically upload all of your photos?”. No, no I don’t. There are various reasons for this. One, if you are anything like me, half the photos you attempt to take are rubbish or by accident. You don’t want poor quality photos spamming your feeds and profiles, it looks bad. Secondly, some photos do not need to be shared. My friends may not like their photos being published everywhere, some may be embarrassing, others rude or crass and may get you in trouble. To ignore that option and not click “no” (yes is the default setting), you could end up posting some inappropriate photos and sharing far too much of your life on social media.


Always be sure to check the settings on your social media options and platforms to ensure you are not sharing anything you do not intend to. Be aware of what and who are asking you to share your data and details on platforms, it is ultimately your choice but sometimes they can be crafty about wording or default options. Social media is only as social as you let it be and only you can decide what to share. Don’t share so much of yourself though that you end up selling your soul and privacy, it wont do you any favours.


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