OMG: Like, Is The Use Of Language In decline?

While I was out and about lately, I overheard a group of teenagers talking. I wasn’t so interested in what they had to say, I had no idea who they were or who they were talking about, but what I did notice was their use of language. Using words such as “like” every 20 seconds, starting sentences with “So” – it was really grating when they used “so, like….”. It made me think about annoying buzzwords and phrases and how you can’t seem to escape them these days.


This makes me cringe every time I hear it, it’s my most hated buzzword. I can’t help but judge people who use it to describe everything they ever come into contact with or witness. Awesome is defined in the dictionary as “awe inspiring”. Awe itself is defined as “an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful“. No football match, no drink or food, no app, no gossip, no clothing, no night out or any other such thing is, by true definition, “awesome”. They can be exciting, great, interesting, pleasurable, but unless they floor you with the sheer sense of mortality and bend your mind with power and emotion, it’s not awesome. The idea of an ever-expanding universe, growing into nothing, stars, elements, science, nature and the existence of everything is awesome, your sandwich is not.



“We went to see this film and it was, like, amazing and then we were chatting about it and he was like, well I thought it was boring and then I was like, what, are you serious?!”. I have no issue with this word being used within its correct context, “it was like that red dress you have” or “I really like your new sofa”, but when used as filler or just mindless drivel  in conversation, it can be annoying and lower the tone as well as make you sound silly.

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 17.29.54“OMG, LOL”

If you actually use these words or letters in sentences, there is something wrong with you. If something is funny, laugh. In fact, if it really is that funny, you’d probably laugh without thinking thus eliminating the need to say LOL. The clue is in the acronym, laugh out loud, so do it and don’t say it! OMG is also another. I’m not opposed to “Oh My God” but rather the letters being used in its place. This is a term usually used in surprise or disbelief and it feels undermined if the acronym is used rather than the phrase. How you use language is important, using lazy short hands is not always appropriate and is something to be aware of when talking about important topics.


Modern language is influenced by many things. TV, magazines, global interactions, music, celebrities. People change their use of language depending on who they are with and what they are talking about. It changes, updates and modifies over time, none of us talk like our parents would have at our ages. I catch myself occasionally saying something that even makes me roll my eyes. However, it seems that people are getting lazy with their language these days. Language is a beautiful thing, we should all work hard to try to maintain it as such.

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