Season Of Goodwill, Family, Food And Bad TV

It’s the day after Christmas and if you are anything like me and my family, you have eaten yourself to a stand still, donned a pair of extra stretchy trousers to ease the pain of bloating, made your way through 1, 2 million gallons of alcohol, filled 10 bin bags with rubbish and wrapping paper and watched enough mindless Christmas TV to kill off any brain cells which had survived days of partying. You sent out tweets, Facebook messages and texts of good will to loved ones before settling down on the sofa to veg out until New Years.



Christmas is the one time of the year you are allowed to over indulge without judgement. You can eat a whole turkey and all the trimmings, go for seconds and thirds, devour an entire box of chocolates, a huge slab of pudding, drink your 10th glass of wine, and then open another tin of Quality Street. As the day precedes and you take photos, you can even think you can see the pounds piling on, “well, I’m pretty sure I didn’t start the day with 8 chins…”. Or maybe that’s just me! Being a household of meat eaters and vegetarians, you can hear mum in the kitchen trying to keep on top of what needs cooking when, for how long, in which order and making sure meat doesn’t touch veg. But the hours of stress in the kitchen are well worth it when you sit back after lunch and feel that festive sense of fulfilment of having a wonderful and delicious meal with your loved ones laughing, joking and wearing stupid hats.

2012-12-21 19.29.47Drink

Alcohol is a feature in most houses at this time of year, and usually in large quantities. What better excuse would you need for a drink than family, friends, food and party season?! Wine, sherry, port, liqueur, beer, champagne are all stock piled weeks in advance and whilst people think they will ration their supply, it rarely happens. Being merry is perfectly acceptable, in fact, don’t people wish you a “Merry Christmas?!” Just don’t be shocked when you wake up with a hang over or bubbly tummy, it’s self-inflicted, no one will have any sympathy, mainly because they too will be dying on the inside.

Christmas TV

Once you have visited family and friends, had lunch and settled down, you find yourself faced with the problem of what to watch. All TV channels have specials of loved shows, repeats of classics -Morecambe and Wise was as funny as it ever was –  and cheesy films – there really is only so many times you can or want to watch The Wizard of Oz… The problem is, the vast majority of what is on over the festive period is rubbish. We’ve seen it all before and what’s new isn’t always worth watching. Soaps will all have some sort of  edge of your seat storyline, usually involving a death, never realistic story lines and so outrageous you get bored with watching them. The only things worth watching are selective specials, this year was Dr Who, which was, as usual, brilliant, Call The Midwife, Him & Her, Outnumbered and The Royal Family. Other than specials, your best bet is to watch a DVD that you were given as a gift. We settled for Grimm, because nothing is more festive than horror story fairy tales on Christmas day…!

Hope you have had a brilliant Christmas and have a fantastic New Years!


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