Is Instagram Really Needed Anymore?

For those of you plugged into the social sphere, you may have heard that Instagram has updated it Terms Of Service, and not for the best. From January 16th 2013, they will reserve the right to give companies and businesses your photos so they can use them to advertise, and you wont know if they have done it and wont get anything from it yourself. That means, the photos you have taken and edited, will be making money for others, not you. It has upset many of its loyal users and rightly so. No one wants images they have taken, or photos of them, making money for someone else. Will this move mean that people will stop using Instagram and migrate to other photo apps?



Twitter Photo Update

SC20121218-112232Twitter no longer shows Instagram photos in tweets or on user profiles. Instead, they have rolled out their own photo editing app that allows you to create filters, enhance detail, crop and edit, much like Instagram. They only send the photo to Twitter but the edited product saves to your photo album on your phone so you can then forward it onto other networks from there. There are nine filter options for you to use and although they are not quite as good as Instagram ones, these look a little more classic and simple with little differences other than colour, you can find something that works for you. Plus, many people tend to tweet Instagram photos anyway and so this means you can take photos, edit and upload all in one place. It’s simple, fun and quirky.


Flickr has also rolled out new options and enhanced features, particularly for phone users. They have released a new array of filters for phones, all named after animals (just a fun fact for you) and you can also tag, organise into albums, and label them as you wish. You can also enhance  saturate and edit red eye, it’s a whole set of professional editing options. Something that Instagram does not offer. The sheer amount of enhanced features means that Flickr is back in the game and for those of you who enjoy going that extra step, will probably benefit greater from it than if you used Instagram. And the best thing? You set the controls of your content, if you want people to use it, you can set it to “Creative Commons”. If not, set it to private and no copy rights. You have control, and that’s what users want these days.


Instagram seems to have got swept up by its success and Facebook’s parental influence but as a result, it has upset its user base, and this may backfire for them as people have voiced their desire to delete their account. There are also other photo filter options out there, Twitter’s new features will certainly grow, expand and become popular in time. It helps that you can send them to the social network and have them show, something that is no longer an option for Instagram. Flickr may have taken a backseat lately but it seems to be coming back bigger and better than other and best of all, respects its users right to control their content. I for one, will be very carful about what I post on Instagram now, if indeed, I decide to keep it…



2 thoughts on “Is Instagram Really Needed Anymore?

  1. It is inevitable for a website to suffer from a glitch
    from time to time. They’ll get an error
    message instead, and assume that your site is unavailable.
    This also uses state of art technology that enables people to maximize other applications they love.

    • Hello Tessa,
      This post is a year old now, written at the time they suffered huge public resentment that coincided with other similar apps being released. Once they re-evaluated their TOS and people knew where they stood, it all settled down. I still use my account, not as often but still with relatively frequent updates.
      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

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