Twitter Wants You To Reactivate Old Users

When I logged into Twitter today, I noticed a new news box located at the top of the tweets timeline. It was asking me to tweet one of my friends who had signed up to Twitter a year ago but never really used it as she didn’t like it.

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 10.58.37


Twitter has clearly noticed that she has gone dormant and wishes her to reactivate her account. They know that friends contacting each other is much more effective than a business connecting saying “Hey, please use again!”. By prompting friends to reignite others interest in a tool, and even show them how it works themselves, they are far more likely to increase its user numbers and activity levels. This is marketing on a social level, exactly what social media stands for and is a clever way of getting more engagement from users.


I know my friend doesn’t like Twitter and wont use it again so I wont bother tweeting her as she will never see it and certainly wont reply. This case happens to be someone I know very well but next time, it may just be someone I followed once and forgot about and I’ll have no reason or interest in tweeting them so it wont work.Twitter needs to investigate why people stop using them and change in order to get people to come back. It’s too easy to see a notice like that and think of it as spam and invasive, telling you who to tweet just because Twitter deem them to be inactive.


Obviously, social media should be social and friends should use it to connect, that’s the point of it. But pushing hints and suggestions out wont work as well as they hope. Like I said above, if it is a good friend, I will know they don’t like Twitter, if I just followed them years ago by chance and don’t know them, I’ll have no reason to connect.


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