Which Social Network Do You Overuse?

I use social media a lot, most people do these days. It seems to be a necessary evil if you want people to connect with you and interact when you can’t see them in person or are looking for engagement. However, I tend to overuse some networks more than others because it feels somehow inappropriate to constantly fill your personal Facebook with links and content knowing that your friends wont be as interested as say, the people on your Twitter feed or on Pinterest. This article looks at why I tend to turn to Twitter and other networks over Facebook.

Facebook Is Personal

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 15.16.07Although some people use Facebook to collect “friends” and add numbers, most of us only use it to talk and connect with the people we know and want to talk with. No one can add you without your permission, not something that relates to other platforms where people can follow you one way. This means that you tend to know and vet the people on there. When you know people personally, you tend to try to respect their feeds by not jamming them with links and content you know that they may not be interested in or constantly want to see. Yes, they could filter you out, but no one wants to push their friends into hiding them because they post too much. This is why I tend not to link out so much from my own Facebook profile, so my friends don’t roll their eyes and think “not again”. You don’t want to upset your real life mates with incessant updates and be the annoying Facebook friend.

The Free For All Public Domain

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 15.00.30

Other platforms, namely Twitter, Pinterest and G+, all allow members of the general public to get in touch and follow your content. These are people who find what you have to say interesting and have chosen to follow you based on the feed you already have. You’re not going to sway too much from the theme you already have set. It’s an educated move to follow you. Also, because you know they have chosen to follow you because they deem you interesting, as well as not knowing them, means you have no obligation to think, “they may or may not want to see this content in their feed”, you just add it. If they don’t want to see your updates, they can unfollow you. You’ve likely never met, so it doesn’t matter so much. These platforms are fluid and ever-changing so you may fall in and out of favour, it’s natural. Even if my friends do unfollow me on there because they don’t like seeing all my links and feeds, they are still on my Facebook, which I use sparingly for just that reason.


There is a psychology behind social media, whether it is immediately apparent or not. You tend to be more liberal in your sharing and updates when you know that the people seeing your feed are following you out of interest and can remove you as they like, rather than friends who follow you to talk to you personally and who don’t always read your links and updates if it doesn’t suit or interest them. Don’t be the annoying overzealous Facebook friend, you’ll end up being hidden and no one will see your content anyway.


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