Jack Savoretti: A Playlist Must Have

jack savEach week I write to tell you about singers or bands that I like. You can find my previous articles on artists and bands here. This week is the wonderfully talented, and rather handsome (I’m fickle), Jack Savoretti!

Jack Savoretti

Savoretti is an Italian-English singer/song writer. He is a story-teller with his songs, which are a blend of folk/pop. Whether his songs be about love, feelings, being a musician, politics, he has all bases covered and with his smooth and husky tones, you can’t help but enjoy his music.

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 17.36.53Between The Minds” 2007: This is his first album. A friend of mine suggested I listen to him, and so my love affair began. I’ll start with my favourite track, “Chemical Courage“. This song is about feeling trapped, lost and desperate and not wanting to feel like that anymore but not knowing how to stop it. Everyone feels down and lost at times which is why it’s easy to identify with it. It’s a beautifully simple song as well, which is another reason why it works so well. It’s soft tones, acoustic accompaniment and smokey voice really adds depth to the meaning making it a pleasure to listen to.

Another of my favourites from this album is “A Soldiers Eyes“. This is a story about being at war, resenting it, being scared and feeling guilty. Not only are you guilty about war and devastation, you don’t understand what it is all for. There is a very touching verse which sums it up rather well,

I’ve seen inside the devil’s dreams where young men die
And graveyards open up their arms for mothers left to cry
I have seen the bleeding and I hate what we’ve done
But just like every other fool I’ll keep marching on“.

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 17.37.44“Before The Storm” 2012: This is his latest album and it’s very different to Between The Minds. This one is much, much more upbeat. He has found his feet and vibe and it suits him. My favourite track on this album is “Knock Knock“. It has an immediately catchy intro and the song is one you can sing along to and tap your feet. It’s about having nothing to lose and not caring about what happens, be it good or bad. You then meet someone who you know probably isn’t any good for you but think what the heck. It’s a great song and one you should certainly listen to!

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~Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/edfielding


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