Christmas Songs: Love Them Or Hate Them?

Whether it be hymns, carols, pop music or classic Christmas cheese, come December you can not escape them. Some people love them, others hate them. It’s the musical festive equivalent of Marmite. They are being played in every shop, every pub, every public place you can think of. Even for those of us who love Christmas songs, it can be a bit much, four weeks of the same tunes belting out again and again. I feel sorry for the poor shop workers who have had since November! This article looks at why some songs are loved and others hated and if these days. Christmas number one is just a corporate event to allow X-Factor contestants a chance to sell a single before blundering into obscurity, never be heard of again.

xmas song

The Classic Christmas Cheese

You can’t help but love the old school pop music festivities, usually deriving from the 1980’s. These are the ones you have grown up listening to, your whole family know the words and you all sing along to loudly and merrily. Such tunes include popular favourites like “Step into Christmas” by Elton John, “Can You Stop The Cavalry” by Jona Lewie, “I Wish It Could Be christmas Everyday” by Wizard, among many others! Obviously, it would be wrong not to mention the big 1980’s classic, Band Aid “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”. My personal favourite is Chris Rea, “Driving Home for Christmas“. These are the songs that the whole family will sing along to when putting up the tree of waiting for the dinner to cook. These are the must have songs for any Christmas party playlist, everyone loves them and it’s not Christmas without them!


As young children, carols are the Christmas songs that you are most made to listen to and sing at school. Walking through the parks and markets, hearing the children’s choirs sing “Sleigh Ride” and “Silent Night” is all part of the Christmas feeling. They are an essential part of the festive season, whether you are a kid or adult, you know all the words and you can’t help but sing along! It wouldn’t be the same without them.

A Dying Trend

New and original Christmas songs seem to be coming to an end. You rarely hear any good ones coming from the latest artists. Christmas number 1’s tend to be crap, commercialised covers from X-Factor singers who will be one hit wonders and no one remembers their names by the following festive season. If it’s not X-Factor, it’s Rage Against The Machine standing up to X-Factor rubbish constantly winning the chart battles. The only good one in the last decade was last years Military Wives choir. Following that, The Darkness, “Don’t Let The Bells End” and even that was banned from playing on the BBC as it may have been heard as something else…

You Can’t Be Without

Love them or hate them, they will be permanent fixture over the December period. You may as well embrace them, have a Sherry and sing along! You only have to hear them four or five weeks of the year!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Songs: Love Them Or Hate Them?

  1. Very true in all respects. I believe we must not lose site of the Christmas of old. They are important and meaningful. Christmas music in all aspects is important and should be played and remembered.

    • Absolutely, you gather some great memories by playing the old ones. My dad plays Mario Lanza every Christmas day morning whilst we open our presents as that’s what his family did when he was a child. It’s nice to get insights into your parents Christmas traditions from years back. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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