Stephen Long: A Singer To Suit Your Mood

Each week I write a blog about the musicians and bands I like and would happily recommend. So far I’ve explained why I enjoy Passenger and David Ford. This week, I present to you the wonderful Stephen Long and tell you which of his songs I love the most and why!

Stephen Long

I couldn’t find much background on him but here’s what I know. He is an independent British singer/song writer with connections to household names such as Ed Sheeran and Derren Brown (this is just what I gather from Twitter). I came across him by accident. I had seen Jonny Taylor support Jason Mraz in London, and whilst researching Taylor, found Stephen Long and am pleased I did. He is wonderfully talented.

We Meet At Dawn“: (2012)

This is his latest album. It’s more an EP than album but it’s certainly worthy of mention. This four track CD has something for everyone and every mood. My particular favourite is “Sugar High“. This song has a slight Parisian feel to it, an upbeat, mellow and chirpy tune which will have you singing along to in no time. You can imagine sitting outside a French café listening to this thinking about your beau. At least that’s how it makes me feel. This is a love song in all it’s simple glory. Being so in love that you crave after them like drugs and being out in the pouring rain sharing an umbrella. This is every day love, not the fairy tale interpretation and this is why this song works so well. You can identify with it.

You can preview the EP below and, I hope, fall in love with it as I did. It’s incredibly well priced, a steal in fact, I simply insist you buy it!

“Doorstep”: (2010) 

This is a single not an album but I love it so I’m telling you about it. Another upbeat song about getting the girl you like to spend some time with you. This is  sincere song, it’s based on honesty – see each other because you both want to, not in a game playing manner. No one likes playing games with their feelings so this song is one that most of us can relate to. You just want a simple yet caring relationship, no tricks or mind games and this song sums up that desire perfectly.

“Songs To Suit Your Mood” (2009)

This EP is exactly what the title suggests. Four songs suited for your mood, whatever that may be! My favourite, although they are all good, is “Everytime“. A song willing for a relationship and about envisaging you and that special person together in the future. You know you like this person, you are concerned for them, but you also know they are strong and have everything they need to be ok. You can use the links to listen to all the songs on each of the albums and I recommend that you do!

Stephen Long has a way with words unlike any other artist I’m aware of. He breaks down life and emotions to their rawest form and sings about them in a manner which makes you think, “I know exactly what he means”. That is not something you get often in this day and age with over produced music for the masses. Very occasionally you find little slices of musical genius you really enjoy and for me, Stephen Long is one such artist. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do!

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