6 Animal Friendly Cosmetic Brands

There are so many cosmetics and make-up options today that you can get headache just looking at the huge ranges in shops. However, it can be even harder for people who would rather not use products tested on, or containing animals. This blog looks at some brands you can use which are animal friendly as well as great quality!

1- Superdrug Own Brand

Superdrug have a brilliant range of own brand products. Whether you want bubble bath, shower gel, make-up, hair dye, lotions and potions, all of their own name items are BUAV Approved. This means that they are known not to test on animals or contain animals. Not only are they vegan friendly, they are also cheaper than rival brands but work just as well. For example, you can buy their Pro Vitamin shampoo and conditioner for just £2.99 each which is a fraction of the price of more obvious brand names and they do the same thing! They offer every product you can think of so you are safe in the knowledge it’s cruelty free and you can get what you need.

2- Original Souce

These guys are passionate about quailty bath products and will stop at nothing to provide you with the best, organic, natural and vegan items you could possibly hope to wish for! Original Source shower gels smell devine! These are well priced, really make you feel fresh and clean, and if you buy the Mint one, it will wake you up sharply! My whole family love these products, (they have a range for men too). They work very closely with the Vegan Society to ensure they are always animal friendly and campaigning to get word out about cruelty in cosmetics. They test only on humans, usually themselves, never on animals and they have a wonderful laid back attitude which can be seen on their containers and website. Buy this brand and you wont be disappointed!

3- Lush

Lush is exactly what it claims to be, lush! You can smell the shop from yards away and as soon as you step in you are surrounded by bath salts, bombs, creams, shower gels, hair care and other items that you know have never gone near a cute animal. They are proactive in their campaigns against animal testing as well as not using animal products in their items. Their goods smell fantastic and again, are of great quality and well priced.

4- Body Shop

They may have sold out to L’oriel but that doesn’t mean they sold out in their belief for animal rights. The Body Shop still sell cruelty free products and campaign to stop animal testing. You can buy anything in their shop knowing that it has not been tested on animals and will not contain animal products. You can find pretty much everything you want here, even though it’s a tad pricier than the other outlets. Whether it’s bath and shower stuff, make-up, hair, skin care, you have it all under one roof! For men and women, you really do have everything. And it’s a brand you know and trust.

5- Barry M

A make-up brand which is against testing on animals. You get good quality make-up without the guilt of having it tested on animals. I wont use anything but their Mascara and eyeliners, they stay on all day, they are easy to use, cheap and perfect for my look. Their waterproof one will stay on for days! Barry M also do nail varnish, lipstick, blush, foundation and powders. You can find them in cosmetic shops such as Boots, Superdrug and other chemist outlets.

6- Animal Aid Cosmetics

Animal Aid is a animal rights group which have now progressed into other animal right themes such as cosmetics. You can buy their cruelty free make-up directly from their website. It’s slightly pricier than others, maybe in The Body Shop range, but you pay for animal free goods that are well produced.

Supporting Animal Rights Doesn’t Mean You Go Without!

Just because you would prefer to wear animal friendly cosmetics, it doesn’t mean that you have to go without or buy second rate products. Knowing where to look and what to look for really helps. If you see the BUAV bunny logo or a V symbol, you are onto a winner. The above companies offer good quality items, reasonably priced and you are safe in the knowledge that no animals were hurt in their making!


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