10 Of My Instagram Favourites

Below you will find ten of my favourite photos from my Instagram profile. By no means do I think that because someone uses a photo app, they become good at photography. Instagram simply allows you to play around and have some fun! It gives you the chance to do something with your photos in just seconds and publish them to a whole new audience base so they can be appreciated. You can reach an even wider audience now they have released web pages! If you don’t have Instagram, maybe these photos may inspire to use it, it’s really jus a bit of fun rather than anything else. Feel free to use them though they must be credited to Writtenbynikki.com. These are just a handful of my favourites, if you’re lucky, I’ll do another post with more!

This is Jake, he’s unfortunately not mine but I love to ride him when I can!

Cracked candle holder and can vase.

Great Yarmouth, England on a sunny if cold day.

Filby, England, bicycle display in village green.

Filby Broads, England.

Somewhere over the Atlantic en route to a holiday in America.

Boston harbour, Massachusetts USA.

Brian protecting his snack.

Chewbacca at a sweet stall in Great Yarmouth, England.

Jack, one my (many) cats!


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