7 Quick Tips To Revive Your Relationship!

If you have been with your other half for a while, you may find that some of the spark has withered a little. It doesn’t mean that you no longer love each other. It just means that you may have let routine, busy lives and being over comfortable with each other get in the way. This blog looks at simple yet effective tips to help you reinstate the passion in your relationship!

1 – Weekend/Night Get Away

Whether you can spare a whole weekend or just one night, pack your bags and get going. This doesn’t have to mean lavish hotels and far off lands. Even if you just find a small B&B an hour down the road in the countryside, the change of scene will help you appreciate some time together. Not being around the huge ironing pile, the washing up, the computer that’s tempting you to check for new emails, will help you shrug off daily life and relax into a romantic and fulfilling setting.

2 – Date Nights

Setting aside a night, even just once a month, gives you both something to look forward to. Booking a table for two in a fancy restaurant gives you a reason to dress up for each other, enjoy each others company and eat good food! However, it doesn’t have to mean going out. If you have kids or are short of money, buy some fresh ingredients and cook up a feast at home (once the kids are in bed!). You can still dress up, have your candles and ambience for a fraction of the price! The idea is to do something special, different to the norm and this still counts as an extra effort.

3 – Bedtime

Get into the routine of going to bed at the same time. Avoid the, “I’ll be up in a bit” scenario as that can cause you to be out of sync and miss out on key passion time. It’s not romantic to go to bed on your own. It’s also not romantic to go up and be met by a snoring man or woman who’s taken all the blankets! Having a system of getting ready together and having some down time to unwind before sleeping, gives you a perfect chance to talk about your days and share your thoughts and feelings about things. It also means you get to cuddle up in bed for longer and well, you know the rest…!

4 – Do Your Own Things

Make sure you each go out separately. By seeing your friends at the pub, shopping or going for coffee, of even booking a friends only holiday break, doing things without the other creates talking points. Spending too much time together can cause arguments, boredom and routine. You also don’t want to stop your lover from doing what they want with who they want, its not a basis for a relationship and they wont like you for it. Plus, you yourself don’t want to be the friend that forsakes everyone just because you have a partner!

5 – Appreciate Each Other

When your partner does something that makes you proud, grateful or laugh, let them know. It’s always nice to know that you have made someones day a littler brighter and it’s important in keeping long-term relationships strong. Failing to compliment each other and acknowledge strengths will make them feel unappreciated and distant. This can cause long term damage to your relationship so this is a very important thing to maintain!

6 – Dress Up And Flirt

By donning that crisp, clean smart shirt she can’t resist you in, or that dress you know he loves you wearing, you create surprise and flirtation instantly. By keeping your relationship flirtatious, you retain that new young love sensation. Flirting leads to increased desire, feeling loved and liked and thus makes you both feel more secure with yourselves and your relationship.

7 – Quick Hello

Send a text, email, leave a note on their desk or fridge just saying “Hi, hope you’re having a good day, thinking of you!”. So simple, so romantic. It can brighten anyones dull day knowing their special someone has them in their thoughts. Throw in the cliche flowers and chocolates for extra brownie points!


Relationships take time and effort, like everything in life, you have to work at it. Injecting little extra efforts of passion like described above, help cement your feelings for each other and the future of your long and happy relationship!

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