David Ford: Music Recommendation

In this series of blogs, I write about the artists and bands I most enjoy but you may not have heard of. Last time I explained how I had a soft spot for a British singer/songwriter who went by the name of Passenger. You can read what I have to say about him here. Today I am writing about another British singer by the name of David Ford. I will pin point my favourite songs and hope that you like you him too!

David Ford

Ford is currently based in Eastbourne in East Sussex, England. During the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, he and his friend Glenn Hooper and Jo Taylor embarked on a musical story with their band “Easyworld”. After a handful of albums, both long and short, and gigging around the country, Easyworld disbanded in 2004. This allowed Ford to focus on a solo career. He currently has three albums out, two of which are my favourite and I will discuss below.

“Songs For The Road

This album is very easy to listen to. The songs each follow a story or theme and, as you can guess from the title, these songs are brilliant to listen to whilst on the road!

  • I’ll start with “Go To Hell“. A song which has divided me and my sisters on its meaning. Does it resonate of loss and missed chances and mistakes? Maybe an abusive relationship in which he is the victim? Regardless of how you interpret it, it is a well written song and one of my favourites! The video below is not the album version but it is a wonderful show case of his musical talents as a one man band and it’s fun to watch!
  • The title album is, as you can imagine for a title song, brilliant. “Song For The Road“. This song is touching, meaningful and one you can relate to. It is about how you travel through life with old friends, meeting new people and making the most of it. It’s also about being in love and missing them whilst you are away. I found it difficult to pick just two verses for this song but here they are, be sure to listen to it for the full effect, you can find it Youtube here:

“And the sun sets fire to the heavens,
On the hills over Sheffield tonight.
And I’ll sail over this countryside with new friends and old
And we are no where, but man, we’re alright

So you can keep your belief in whatever,
I’ll wear my cynicism like a tattoo.
While poets try to engineer definitions of love,
You know all I can think of is you”

“Let The Hard Times Roll”

This is the first album of his that I heard and is probably my favourite to date. It’s mellow and meaningful with a nice blend of slow and fast songs telling the story of life, love and politics, trust me, it’s more fun than it sounds!

  • I had commandeered my sisters iPod, and stumbled upon the song “She’s Not The One“. It sounds like a song about being with woman who you know isn’t good for you but not wanting to do anything about it. However, he actually based this song on the British political figure and much hated Margret Thatcher. A love/hate story about the British public having this woman they didn’t like  in power but re-electing her again and again because it was a safe option. As soon as I heard the quick intro and the opening lyrics, it caught my attention. It’s a catchy song and you’ll realise you are humming it without realising. You can here this on his official website, link below.
  • Another song I want to talk about on this album is “Stephen“. This is a song based on the death of a police officer in Northern Ireland who was shot dead by the IRA. Although this song has a political essence, it’s actually a story about Stephen death from his wife’s perspective. He had heard Stephens window in a radio interview and took what she said and made it into a song. A very touching and noble song at that. Below is an example of some of the touching lyrics:

Stephen, the uniformed visitors came, 
Unexpectedly, late yesterday.
I opened the door to a man and a woman
And I knew what they’’d come here to say.

Oh, I’ve never seen any darkness so deep 
As the moment when I clicked off the light.
And a piece of land’s only a piece of land
But you will not come home tonight

  • Another brilliant song, and there are many on this album, is “Making Up For Lost Time“. A song you can apply to anything at all. Rekindled love, taking up an old hobby, doing something you wish had done before. It’s upbeat, happy and conjures up many a mental image. When a song can inspire such imaginary,  you know you are onto a winner!

Useful Links:

Website: http://www.davidfordmusic.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davidfordmusic?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/davidfordisdead


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