Battling The Elements: Simple Winter Beauty Tips

With gale force winds, hail, snow and rain battering down on you, winter can take its toll on your beauty regime. It can leave you with dry and irritated skin or brittle and static hair. It can also leave you feeling groggy and down. This article looks at some quick and easy tips to keep you looking and feeling great this winter!


This should apply all year and may seem obvious, but the long dark nights coupled with the dreary weather and need to feel comforted, can make you over-indulge in fatty, bad food. This can have nasty side effects on your beauty, and general health, particularly your skin. It can make you break out in spots as well make your skin appear greasy. By ensuring you have healthy foods included in your daily diet, you will feel better as well as knowing that you are feeding your body, skin and hair extra nutrients. It also stops you feeling lethargic and grotty. Drinking plenty of water is also key. It helps clear up your skin, wash out bad stuff and keeps your hair looking glossy. It’s also important to remember that, although you do not perspire so much water in winter, warm buildings can be dehydrating so you should keep topped up with fluids.

Skin Care

  • Moisturisers help keep moisture locked into the important layers of your skin. It keeps you soft and nourished and with a healthy complexion. It’s worth noting that the creams you use in summer may not be suitable in the cold, winter season. Oil based moisturisers are the best to use in winter as it doesn’t evaporate so easily in the wind and bitter environment. Water based ones dry your skin out in cold weather and leave you peeling, dry and irritated. Moisturising works best when you are fresh out of the shower or bath and still damp. This helps lock in the goodness and keep you soft for longer. However, there is no reason you can’t keep topping up during the day as and when you feel you need it. If your face suffers dry skin, invest in face packs, it also gives you a great reason to sit and relax with cocoa!
  • Use sun cream. It may seem pointless when you can’t see the sun for grey clouds and flying leaves, but that doesn’t mean the UV rays are not getting you and drying your skin. Sun block helps keep the elements, not just sun, from battling your face and locks in even more moisture.
  • It’s also important to remember to moisturise your lips as these are particularly delicate face the elements head on. Using lip balms or treated lipstick throughout the day creates a barrier and keeps them soft and healthy. If you do find you have peeling skin on your lips, get an old toothbrush and gently rub it off with water and be sure to apply balm immediately after. It is also useful to apply your balm at night before bed to keep them soft.
  • Avoid hot water when possible. In the grips of a snow blizzard, it’s very tempting to run a hot, candle lit bath or stand under a ramping shower. This is not good for your skin and the hotter the water, the dryer your skin becomes after you get out. By keeping your baths on the right side of warm, you maintain a reasonable temperature without loosing the moisture. It also means you don’t feel freezing cold when you have to get out!

Hair Care

  • Your hair can also end up worse for wear in the constant battle with the wind and rain. It can get knotty, dry and damaged. When possible, avoid washing it for a day. This means your hair has more time to produce essential natural oils which keep it soft and healthy. By no means does this mean you should go out with greasy hair, but when you can, go au-natural so it has time to replenish and restore its strength. You can also help it along by using intense repair conditioners or leave in ones. This gives it an extra boost and that little bit of a barrier from the weather. If your hair is really prone to dryness, add leave in conditioner before bed and wrap your hair in a scarf so it helps keep it locked in and work better.
  • You can also give your hair a helping hand by keeping it tied back so the wind can’t tangle it and dry it out. You can also treat yourself to a stylish hat to keep the wind off it and help keep the moisture in! Stylish and practical, everyone’s a winner!

Feeling a little down now the winter has drawn in? Read these great tips on How To Beat The Winter Blues!

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