Seasonal Sensations: Autumnal Norfolk In Photos

Here are a handful of photos I have taken of my home county, Norfolk, England. It’s a gorgeous place in autumn, full of colour. I’m no photographer but I liked them so thought I would share. They were taken using a Olypmus Digital camera or a Samsung smart phone. Feel free to use them as long as you credit as the source 🙂

Fleggburgh windfarm

Fleggburgh Tower. A 12th Century derelict church tower. Listed Building

Filby Footpaths

Filby Broadwalk


Filby Windmill

Sunset over Great Yarmouth

Dusk over Breydon Bridge, Great Yarmouth

Filby Footpaths

Filby Graveyard

Filby Graveyard


2 thoughts on “Seasonal Sensations: Autumnal Norfolk In Photos

    • Hello, aww, thank you! I think I got lucky with a few them, it certainly helps when nature looks so good anyway without too much effort on my part! Thank you for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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