Instagram On The Web: What Will It Mean For you?

There’s nothing better than a company that listens to its public and social media imaging giants “Instagram” have done just that. Now under the parental wing of Facebook, who can nurture this growing platform, Instagram has launched on the web. It is no longer just accessible on smartphones. This article looks at what this could mean for the company and its users.

Web Addition

This is a big move for an otherwise phone based app. Allowing a users profile to be accessible from the web, along with their details and photos means they are open to more viewings and scrutiny. A potential pitfall is suddenly anyone on the net can now see your images (before they could only be seen if shared directly with a social network). Photos of a delicate nature, if one was questionable to upload them, can now seen by anyone, not just Instagram users. It also opens your photos up to plagiarism and use without permission. Unlike rival photo giant Flickr, there are no privacy or use controls on your photos so anyone may be using them as their own.

The good news for budding photographers  or people who just use it to share their talents, hobbies and what they see, suddenly have a whole new audience. Views of photos will increase, Followers will grow and you can use this web-based profile to publicly share. Tweet it, Facebook it, add it on G+ and you will find traffic increases to your profile and you will have more and more people following your photo feed. It’s also great for people who just want to see what others doing, view some stunning photos, and that is exactly the nature of Instagram at heart, allow people to share spectacular photos.

If users gain more traction because of this new web section, it helps with engagement inside the app. It can also mean more people are inspired to join the app and start using it themselves thus increasing the companies user base and worth. This move to the web was strategic and I feel it will benefit them and its users greatly.

Feels Like Facebook

The layout of the web profiles is an exact replica of Facebook user profiles. There is a “cover photo”, which in Instagram is a collection of changing photos from your album, complete with user profile photo to the bottom left with profile data to the bottom right. This is clearly an intentional move by Facebook, keen to mark their stamp on their prized asset which they paid $1 billion for earlier in the year. This reprised style is comforting as users know it and understand it. It’s easy to use and this will help people feel happy to use it.

What are you thoughts on this new web-based app? Do you even use Instagram or do you think it a waste of time? If you do use it, feel free to look through my images and follow me!


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