Long Distance Relationships: Tricks And Tips

Love is in the airMost of us never give long distance relationships much thought, it’s not how we imagine our perfect relationship, but they can occur later on in relationships, or you may fall in love whilst on holiday. This blog looks at some helpful tips as to how you can keep the spark alive from miles apart!


It seems obvious, but when there are time differences, work, friends and family all fighting for your time, grabbing an hour or so to sit and dedicate to your other half can be tricky. Phone calls or Skype are best, being able to hear each other and if you can, see each other, really helps break down that wall the distance creates. However, if you’re at work or busy, emails or instant messaging is a great way of swift catch ups on the sly. That way, you never need miss out or get in trouble for slacking!

Date Nights

Decide between you which film you want to watch, set the time, count down to 1 and press play, oh, and turn on your Skype (you may want to use ear phones to help lessen audio issues).  Being able to see each other whilst watching the film allows you to see their reactions, you can gauge whether they are enjoying it and it makes you feel as though you are sitting there together. The feeling of inclusiveness and closeness really helps you bond. Plan this each weekend so you are always sure to get that snippet of time together. Doing it regularly gives you something to look forward to and keeps you feeling as though you are always close.

For extra romance, touch up your make-up, do your hair, or if you are male, shave and put on your finest shirt. The extra efforts wont go amiss and will mean a lot to your other half. Maybe even have a glass of wine to sip, really go full-out! It’s these little thoughtful extras that help secure your relationship.


If you go out for a walk, out with mutual friends or see something you know they would like, take a photo and send it to them. By sending them special little photos of things they miss out on, it makes them feel included and appreciated. Knowing they are on your mind makes them feel special and it is also a much more fun and interesting way of telling them what are you doing. Photos can say more than words so this is an excellent way of updating and sharing.

Photos of events and situations are fun, but if you can, try to send a few of yourself too. This does not mean dirty photos either (though each to their own). A quick photo of you enjoying the views of a city walk or you enjoying a glass of wine with friends, helps them see that you are having fun, but also lets them know you are thinking of them.


Long gone are the days when you would have to wait for the postman to deliver you a letter from your partner. With social media, emails, apps, you have no reason not to get in touch as much as you can. Some apps could include a private Facebook group, so we can share content without anyone prying into your business and thoughts. You could also use a smart phone app called Viber which allows you to send texts, photos and make phone calls all for free, as long as you are both on wifi or 3G. This is a saviour app and my favourite! Skype is also great, not so much for quick phone calls but rather for long catch ups. Like mentioned above, Skype and watch a film together whilst Skyping. It’s a great idea you should try!

Make It Work

Finding things which work between you is key. Whatever methods of keeping in touch and keeping the romance alive proves fruitful, making time for each other is the most important thing. Without time dedicated to just each other, things can get a bit frustrating. Be sure all phones are off, instant chats are offline and it’s just you and them. Without that, you could have problems.

~Image for make-up: http://www.flickr.com/photos/victorkwan

~Image for phone call: http://www.flickr.com/photos/reegone


5 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationships: Tricks And Tips

  1. My hubby and I were in a long distance relationship for the longest time and for us communication was super important. With time differences it was tricky, but the sacrifice needed to be made to maintain connection.

  2. I’m in one now, but it seems to not be applicable at all to what you’re talking about. I preferred letters (yes I’m old enough) to the plethora of options nowadays. Letters carried more weight and perhaps because of that people cared more about what they wrote. I try to treat each chat, email, etc. as if I was writing a letter. I think quality of communication is much more important than quantity.

    • Hello, thank you for reading my post and commenting. There are so many ways of communicating, it’s about finding what works for you two. In a day of instant communication, many find it easier to use technology. I do think regular, daily contact is needed in long distance relationships though, it’s hard and without it it’s lonely. But again, that depends on the two people involved and how their relationship works. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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