3 Issues With Instagram

I’ve been using Instagram on and off for just under a year and I have to say I quite enjoy it. It’s a brilliant way of getting a quick, artistic glance at peoples lives. Some are fun photos, some are simply works of art. Instagram is a great app for those who like to use it to dabble or for those that take their photography more seriously. However, as of this week I have found myself frustrated and annoyed with it. This blog lists three problems Instagram need to address to make for a better user experience.

1- Spam

This is a huge issue for me currently. I uploaded three photos in one night after a lull of a few weeks and suddenly my phone is bleeping incessantly. There are two types of spam. The comment and the fake user follow. In just one night I gained 15 new followers (although not all of them spam, the vast majority was) and 7 obvious spam comments about making money and stealing photos, something I certainly have not done.

The worst thing is, Instagram  does not allow you to delete or even report these comments. This blatant spam is littering your unique photos and profile and there is nothing you can do about it. It would be a brilliant idea to allow users to delete comments and block users known for spamming. Having these comments on many of your photos can harm your online image and no one wants that. Better control of your photos and users is a must if people want to feel safe using this app.

2- Photo Shape

Although there are obvious restrictions to how you can crop some of your photos on phones, not every image suits being square. Some photos would look better being framed as a landscape, others a portrait, yet Instagram restricts you to using one shape, albiet in different sizes of your choice. For those who like to have complete control of their photos or even just like to be more creative, having just one shape can limit your artistic flair. By introducing more options to your photo cropping, you could make for an even more spectacular photo! Suitable and clever framing really is important in photography after all.

3- Importing Photos

You are free to use any photos you wish on Instagram, the only problem is, they need to be on your phone to upload them. That requires a lot of faffing about and time in order to take a brilliant photo from your camera or compter, than transferring to your phone. After all, not everyone is on a cloud. If Instagram were willing to allow you to connect with other apps or networks, particularly Facebook photos now they have been bought out by them, it would be much easier to quickly nab the image you want without having to take time to locate it, transfer it then edit it.

To Conclude

Although Instagram is still fun and quirky, a few alterations here and there could really help it be even more interactive, thus increasing not only user engagement, but also user experience, and this is something that all companies should be striving for.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram! My user name is Nikki__Peters 🙂


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