5 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

The clocks have gone back, the cold winter nights are drawing in even quicker and the winter blues are creeping up on you, you will want to find ways to keep your spirits up.  The lack of day light, the bitter cold and poor weather can all result in feeling a little down in the dumps but this blog gives you some tips on how to combat this and embrace the winter season!

1- Get Outside And Let The Outside In

Making the most of the natural day light is essential in keeping you feeling good in winter. Your body requires natural sunlight as it provides vitamin D required to keep you healthy. Not only does your body need natural light, but you also feel better mentally. When sunlight hours are thin on the ground, taking 20 minutes to grab a walk really helps you feel as though you have not wasted it which enhances your feeling of happiness. Sun also helps your brain release neurotransmitters which is why being out in it can have a positive effect on your mood.

If grabbing some time to get outside is tricky, make sure you open all the curtains or blinds in your house for as long as possible. Letting natural light in rather than using artificial light, can also help you feel happier. Try refocusing your sofa, desks or work spaces to face the window so you can take full advantage of the light and feel as though you are connected to the outside.

2- Treat Yourself

Whether you fancy gorging on chocolate, having a candle lit bath, going to the pub with friends or curling up on the sofa watching a film, or all of the above, take time out to do this! Making sure you get a fix of whatever makes you happy, really helps you relax and and unwind and forget that it’s cold, wet and dark out.

3- Keep Warm

This can be done in two ways. First, set the thermostat to snug and warm and make sure you set it to come on twenty minutes before you get up in the mornings. Waking up feeling warm will certainly make getting out of bed in the pitch black slightly easier. Also set it up to come on just before you get home on days you are out so you can benefit from it immediately. For those lucky enough to have a real fire, make the most of it! Light it in the evenings and listen to it crackle. Warmth and light in one, bargain!

You can also keep warm through exercise! Pulling on your jogging shoes may not be the most inviting thought but even if you set aside a short time to bust some moves at home will help. Stick on a fitness dvd, join a Zumba class or get in a pool, or if you have a partner, make the most of the dark cold nights together! Any of these will generate heat as well as make you feel healthier and happier!

4- Decor 

This may seem like a peculiar thing to think about in winter but a revamp can help you feel warmer and cheerier. This doesn’t necessarily meaning painting the whole room. By adding dashes of warm colours, maybe to one wall or even in paintings, art, rugs or furniture, you can create your own idea of a sunny, comfortable atmosphere. By buying art with pictures of sunny beaches or glorious landscapes, can also offer you relief from the dark dank winter feeling. Keeping a bunch of fresh flowers around also offers you vibrant colours and summer scents to keep you feeling happy and spring fresh.

5- Attitude

Let yourself embrace winter. Put on your favourite pyjamas, make yourself a cocoa, top it with full fat cream, and sit listening to the pounding rain or watching the snow smug in the fact you are warm and comfy inside. Alternatively, smile, pull on your wellies and gloves and get outside to make snowmen or take photos of the stunning scenery that autumn and winter provide. Accepting winter means you can make the most of it, it’s not all bad!

~ Image source for woman: http://www.flickr.com/photos/batterypower

~ Image source for flowers: http://www.flickr.com/photos/glasgows


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